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En Francais: TNA Impact Report

TNA Impact Report

But first, check Jeremy Lambert’s TNA At Ringside, which talks about the Super X cup, Matt Hardy, Spike TV and more, here .

In the RDS studios, Marc Blondin and Pierre-Carl Ouellette introduce us to this week’s Impact edition. And holy crap, they were really into the wrestling this week. The TNA website is shown where the announcers have their own columns.

Elix Skipper vs Shark Boy vs Sonjay Dutt: This is a really fast paced match between the 3, which will be very hard to recap. It starts off with Dutt dropkicking Shark, while Dutt was in a full nelson by Elix. All 3 men trade armdrags. Shark smashes Skipper’s head on his knee. Dutt is backbody dropped, except skins the cat. Shark gives Skipper a rollup at the same that Dutt gives Elix a moonsault and both get a 2. Dropkick to Dutt by Shark. Dutt kicks Elix and now Shark & Dutt battle it out. Shark is positioned to the top, but Elix kicks Shark and now it’s Elix & Dutt. Shark comes back with a cover to Elix, but Dutt gives him a dropkick from the second rope. Elix hits a butterfly suplex to Dutt. Whip by Elix, reverse, Elix holds on, charge, Elix places him on the top and just pushes him down, with Dutt holding on to Elix, so both men go outside. Elix catches a flying Shark and drops him on the railing. Elix with a snapmare and a kick to Dutt. After bringing him in the ring, Elix hits Shark on the post and brings Shark in the ring. Dutt with a springboard dropkick to Skipper. Dutt hits a stunner into a reverse DDT to Shark Boy and cover him for 3. This makes it the second time this month where Shark & Elix are involved in a 3 way match and lose it.


Alex Shelley vs Shocker: The first round of the Super X cup continues. Winner of this match faces Samoa Joe. Back & forth by both and it’s stalemate. I love it when they do that. Both men trade pushes, slaps and punches. Shocker has the upper hand and Shelley goes to the outside.


When we come back, Shocker is in control with armdrags, a DDT, a dropkick and a nice elbow drop for 2. Alex comes back with a stungun and a spinkick, and Shocker is outside. Suicide Dive by Shelley. Back in, Shelley is on the apron, Shocker going for a suplex, no, German by Shelley coming, no, off the ropes, drop toe hold and pinning combo by Shelley gets 2. Shocker hits a tilta world and a big boot. To the top -> frogsplash gets 2. Alex immobilises Shocker’s body parts (which is Shocker’s move) and cradles him for the trrrrrrois.

Backstage, James Mitchell talks while Abyss lurks behind him. We get the usual “Abyss is a monster” shtick. Lance Hoyt’s name is brought up and it appears he is the next prey for the dominant Abyss. He won’t be the last prey…


Cassidy Riley vs Mikey Batts: Back & forth by both ends with Riley copying Raven by doing a clothesline off the ropes, as well as a knee lifts. Rhino invades the ring and GORES both of them. JJ is there also. Piledriver to Batts. As he gets read for a piledriver to Riley, Raven appears. Raven asks who would be his partner. He has no friends, and he’ll never have any. He talks about pain, and says that he has no friends, maybe an enemy will do. The lights go off. When they come back, SABU is in the ring! Chairshot to both JJ and Rhino. Springboard moonsault with an assist with a chair to Rhino. Rhino just debuted; if anything, Jarrett should have taken the move. Anyway, here’s our main even for TNA Sacrifice.


Matt Bently (w. Traci) vs James Storm (w. Chris Harris): Bently starts it off with forearms and kicks. Whip, Bently puts his head down and Storm throws him out of the ring. Bently goes crotch first on the railing. Back in, Storm is on the apron and Bently knocks him into the railing. Both men outside and Bently beats on him by using the apron and the post. Back in again, Matt gets 2. Slam and a knee drop gets 1. Chinlock. Storm gets out of it, but gets a knee to the stomach for 2. On the second rope, superplex by Bently gets 2. Resthold and once again Storm gets out of it and Matt snaps Storm’s head down for 2. Some choking takes place and Traci helps out. Suplex coming, no, small package by Storm for 2. Clothesline by Matt for 2. After another cover, a third chinlock. Storm gets out, goes for a superkick, no, Matt going for a superkick, no, Matt with a belly to belly gets 2. Superplex coming, no, Storm throws him down. Tornado reverse DDT by Storm gets him the 1, 2, 3.


Petey Williams (w. A1) vs Chris Sabin: Huge back and forth ends with both trying to get their move on each other and holding each other’s leg.


When we come back, Sabin gets a bulldog for 2. Leg Lariat to Petey while he is sitting gets 2. Back and forth on the apron ends with a punch to A1 and a DDT by Williams on the outside. Back in, Petey gets a 2 count. A few forearms and dropkick to the back of the head by Petey. Some choking and help from Ralph. In the corner, Petey hits a few chops and Sabin fights back, but Petey gives a thumb to the eye. Resthold. A move where Sabin’s neck meets Williams’ knee gets 2. A slam and a legdrop gets another 2. Sabin is thrown out and A1 gives him some kicks. Back in, Williams does a move again involving a knee for 2. Williams does his famous singing of the Canadian anthom while putting his foot on Sabin’s crotch while in the Tree of Woe, except that Sabin pushes him out. Suicide Dive by Sabin. Sabin with an atomic drop, a jawbreaker and a couple of big kicks. Running powerbomb for 2. Sabin going for some powerbomb move, but Petey does a back body drop. Petey going for the Canadian Destroyer, no, Petey puts on the sharpshooter. Sabin fights on and gets the ropes. In the corner, Sabin hits Petey’s boot after a charge, Williams goes for something from the second rope, Sabin catches him for a backbreaker and an Exploder, which gets a 2 count. Enzuguri & Cradle Shock to Williams and a cover is made, except Ralph is on the apron. Williams hits Sabin with the hockey stick. Canadian Destroyer to Sabin for the trrrrrrrois. It’s Williams vs AJ in the semi-finals.

We end it in the RDS studios.