The 2005 Year End Award Nominees Update

Hi all,

I wanted to first thank everyone how has participated thus far in our Annual Year End Awards. Due to wanting to keep the ball moving here, and the positive response we’ve had so far, I’m going to make a few changes to the process. Instead of keeping the nominations open till this Friday, I’m going to change the deadline to Midnight (Central Standard Time) on Tuesday night February 21st.

After all the nominations are in Tuesday night, I’ll put together the top nominees from each category, post them all and then begin the process of voting for the winners based on that. Originally I was just going to have the winners be decided based on the nominations, but the fact that the nominations have been so far widespread, and the fact that a lot of you have told me you’d like the chance to actually vote on actual nominees, we’re changing it up a bit.

So things to remember as of now: If you haven’t sent in your nomination emails yet, make sure you do so soon (before Tuesday night). You can send those emails to (If you need the list of categories you can find it here.) And look for a new post on Wednesday with the top 5 nominees so the real voting can begin.

Happy voting everyone!