The 2005 Year End Award Nominees Update: Part Two

Hello everyone and welcome to Phase Two of this yea’s Year End Award Competition. I first want to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has participated thus far in the nomination process. Having you all help us out with the awards this year was something brand new, and you all have stepped up and helped make it success.

With that said, I’m excited to present to you your 2005 Year End Award Nominees. Before I give the category lists, let me explain how this is going to work and it’s set up. Previously, I was planning on having 5 nominees in each category for you to pick from (with each person voting for one nominee in each). However due to a massive amount of different nominations (and tons of ties) the category sizes are almost random. I took the 5 most nominated people, titles, etc from each category, but in almost all instances the least nominated of the 5 was always a multiple-way-tie.

With that in mind, each of you will again to cast 2 votes in each of the following categories based on the most nominated nominees (the nominees are listed in no particular order). The 5 Nominees with the most votes will make up our top 5 and placed in order for the awards. As with before, please send all votes to, and put something referring to the year end awards in the subject.

Your 2005 Year End Award Nominees are:

Best Ongoing Series
Y: The Last Man
Legion of Super Heroes
Ex Machina

Best Writer
Brian K Vaughan
Geoff Johns
Ed Brubaker
Mike Carey
Dan Slott
Grant Morrison

Best Artist
John Casaday
John Romita Jr.
Jimmy Cheung
Ethan Van Scriver
Phil Jimenez
David Finch
Bryan Hitch

Best Hero
Captain America

Best Villain
Lex Luthor
Red Hood
Max Lord
Dr. Light

Best Team
Young Avengers
Legion of Super Heroes
New Avengers
Secret Six
Teen Titans

Best Story
Rogue War (Flash)
Homelands (Fables)
Villains United (Villains United)
Winter Soldier (Captain America)
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Justice League (JLA: Classified)

Best Limited Series
Green Lantern: Rebirth
Villains United
Lex Luthor: Man of Steel
GLA: Misassembled

Best Character Comeback
Jamie Madrox
Hal Jordan
Red Sonja
Dr. Light

Best Supporting Character
Agent 355 (Y: The Last Man)
Ben Urich (Daredevil)
Awesome Andy (She-Hulk)
Mary Jane (Spider-Man)
Booster Gold (Various)
Alfred (Batman)

Most Missed Title
Gotham Central
The Intimates
Plastic Man
Human Target

Title Most Deserving of More Recognition
Small Gods

Best Moment
Max Lord Kills Blue Beetle
Wonder Woman Kills Max Lord
“The last time you inspired anyone, you were dead” (Batman to Superman)
Jason Todd beats Joker with a crowbar
Alexander Luthor, Superman Prime, & Earth 2 Superman revealed to be alive

Best Issue
Countdown to Infinite Crisis
Infinite Crisis #1
Captain America #8
House of M #7
JLA: Classified #7

Well there you have it and there you are. Remember if you don’t vote, you can’t bitch about your favorites not being represented. As with last time, you get to cast 2 votes in each category (and they have to be for 2 different nominees in each). For now, I’m going to set the deadline for entry for a week from today, Midnight March 1st. Look for updates on the site for possible changes. It’s of course better to get your ballot in earlier rather than later.

In case you missed it up there, the email address to send you ballots to is: If you have any questions or are having problems getting your ballet to that address, please feel free to email me directly.

Thanks everyone, and let the voting begin”¦again.