The CW Fall Preview

After The WB and UPN announced they would essentially merge to form The CW many, including me had high hopes. Sadly, The CW only put out two new shows this season and stuck it out with a few series that should have been euthanized. Despite strong internet buzz for Mercy Reef aka The Aquaman pilot, The CW did not pick up that series. If The CW wants to get to that next step its going to have to put out more than two new shows each year.

Networks: The CW and
Time slot: Monday, 9 p.m. (not on schedule for CH at this time)
Premiere: September 25

Donnie Whalberg”¦Paul Rader
Leslie Hope”¦Lily Rader
Dustin Milligan”¦Henry Rader
Sarah Ramos”¦Hannah Rader
Nathan Gamble”¦Tommy Rader
Susan Floyd”¦Gina Bennett
Karen LeBlanc”¦Angela Hurley

Show Premise: Think The Fugitive and Running on Empty. Paul Rader is wrongly accused of murder and his family is threatened by the people who actually committed the murder. Rader takes his family and flees.

What We Liked About The Show :

Romo: I can’t put my finger on it but I found myself really getting into this show. It’s a simple premise but it works. Whalberg and Hope are very solid and the actors playing the Rader kids were good as well.

Murtz: I liked the show and seemed genuinely interested in what would happen. Donnie Whalberg is particularly strong.

What We Didn’t Like About The Show :

Romo: The production values were not as high as many other shows. It looked like, and it actually was, filmed in Canada and on a small budget.

Murtz: I didn’t like the fact that they didn’t really explain why Paul and his family were on the run, but perhaps this is being saved for future episodes.

Final Verdict :

Romo: While it may not have the glitz and glamour of other shows the writing and acting were solid and if the writers can stay away from soapiness and making it too much about the teenagers high school lives, this could be a surprise hit. 7.5/10

Murtz: Probably one of the better CH shows that I saw, but against regular competition, this one will struggle. I think it deserves a chance though. 7/10

Likelihood Of The Show Succeeding :

Romo: With the lack of other shows on The CW I think it should make it through the year for lack of other options, that is unless The CW puts on another hour of America’s Top Model.

Murtz: We’ll see what happens. It could help bring a wider audience to The CW or it could fall flat on its face. I am not sure it’s demographic would have worked well for The WB, so we’ll see if there is a change.

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