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OVW TV Report for May 19, 2007

Following is the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Report, according to
Dale Sherman of (click through for the full report including photos from the show)…

May 19, 2007 – Davis Arena



    Earlier in the day the camera picked up “The Ripper” Paul Burchall arguing with OVW Troubleshooter Al Snow over Aaron “The Idol” Stevens getting a rematch for the OVW Heavyweight Title. Snow laid it on the line, saying as the former champ and because it was in his contract, Stevens could have the rematch. Just as Burchall was reluctantly about to agree, the newcomer that was seen last week talking to Snow; who we now know goes by the name of Jay Bradley; turned up once again to state that he wanted a title shot, and he would either get it or take it!

    REF: Kevin Keenan

    The Majors Brothers started off their OVW Television career last week by defeating Los Locos, which seemed to put them in good steed to go up against Gothic Mayhem. They weren’t expecting Roni & Melody to turn their heads away at the start of the match however, allowing Johnny & Pat to attack from behind! After kicking Brett out, Johnny went to work on Brian before tagging in Pat, who tried to get fancy and ended up slamming his elbow straight into the canvas when Brian moved out of the way of his elbow-drop. That allowed Brett to tag in and the brothers hit a couple of neck-snaps on Buck after Brett elbowed Punch off the apron.

    Buck managed to break away from a pin-attempt by Brett at the second count and then hit a jawbreaker on him in order to tag in Punch. Punch immediately found himself at the mercy of the brothers, however, getting tossed repeatedly by one Major, the other or both at the same time! It was still early for Punch though, and he not only got out of a pin-attempt by Brian, but then kneed him in the face before tagging Buck back into the ring. Buck attacked both brothers and locked up on Brian after a quick pin-attempt and then moved him into his corner to tag up with Punch and hold Brian in place for a knee to the ribs by Johnny on his way in.

    Brian fortunately managed a tag to Brett and the two just bulldozed over Punch and Buck as Gothic Mayhem tried to take back control. Seeing Roni & Melody getting back up on the apron, and with Punch and Johnny trying to recover, the Majors remembered the girls’ “help” at the beginning of the match and each grabbed one for a little smooch. With the dazed girls falling off the apron, the brothers turned around to see Punch climb back in to attack. The two slammed Johnny back and 1-2-3 later the Major Brothers had the win!

    In the back of Davis Arena, Jacob Duncan finally caught up to Beth and told her that he just wanted to give her a treasure that he had in the papersack. Phoenix told him that she had a boyfriend and that’s when Dan Rodman quickly came out and pulled Phoenix into another room, hoping like crazy that Duncan wouldn’t have time to think of doing anything to them or rather to him!

    REF: Goose Mahoney

    Rodman came out with Phoenix; jumping a little when he saw that Jacob Duncan was standing near the rafters and looking down at them. As for Phoenix, she looked about as thrilled to be with Rodman as she was with Duncan chasing after her. Making mincemeat of Hutter in the match and finishing him off with a Full Nelson Slam, Rodman kept playing up to Phoenix in front of the tormented Jacob Duncan. Beth entered the ring for a kiss from a smirking Rodman that appeared to go much better for him than her, while Duncan slammed his head with his fists in anguish and sorrow.

    In another paid-announcement, Michael W. Kruel continued his disgusted observations about “that communist country, Canada ” and how it needed to be shown the American Way of “baseball, apple pie, and your great American hero, Michael W. Kruel!”

    REF: Kevin Keenan

    Nice to see that DaBone has fully recovered from his run-in with Rodman earlier in the year. He found himself in trouble, however, as Kruel went for the left arm in a variety of ways for quite a while during the match. Fortunately for DaBone, one such position allowed him to pull Kruel up into a fireman’s carry and hit a Samoan Drop and got a two-count. Kruel didn’t care for that, and hit a belly-to-belly on DaBone for a two-count. A whip by DaBone of Kruel to a corner followed with him running in at Mike, only for Mike to jump out of the way at the last second. This left DaBone plunging through the corner ropes and hitting the ringpost with his shoulder and it looked like Kruel was going to get himself a pin there, but DaBone got away after two counts.

    After Kruel went back to Atlas’ arm for a bit, DaBone began coming back with several clotheslines and eventually forced Mike to the mat for his standing splash. Kruel was ready though, bringing up his knees to connect with DaBone’s gut on the way down in the splash! Hitting the Kruel Intentions and forcing DaBone into a submission, Kruel got the win when Atlas had no choice but to tap-out!

    Ox burst into the locker-room backstage to tell Jamin that they both knew Jamin couldn’t even last two minutes “IN THE RING” with him last week, let along five! Tonight they were going to go at it again, with Ox telling Jamin to tell his partner to be ready to “scrape up the mess!”

    REF: Nick Andrews

    Not letting Jamin get a chance to even catch his breath at the start of the match, The Ox just began tearing Jamin up with a series of slams and tosses. Yet when he had an early chance to pin Jamin, The Ox held Olivencia up so that the ref could not call the pin! Jamin managed to get in a few shots to the stomach and jaw of LaRoche when The Ox was diverted by mouthing off to T.J. Dalton at ringside, but a whip off the ropes merely set Jamin up for a powerbomb! Dalton tried to pull Jamin out at that point and got him to the outside of the ropes on the apron, but The Ox wasn’t going to have a repeat of last week’s match where Jamin had time to recover on the outside. Instead, LaRoche grabbed Jamin over the ropes and hit a vertical suplex. Yet, just as The Ox was doing in the midst of performing the move, T.J. grabbed The Ox by the ankles and pulled his legs out from under him, allowing Jamin to land on top of The Ox and got the pin for the win!

    As Dalton tried to help Jamin up, The Ox attacked Dalton from behind and then booted Jamin square in the mouth before clotheslining Dalton, hitting a powerful backdrop on Jamin and finishing up with a powerbomb on Dalton! As Dalton and Olivencia tried to get up from the canvas, The Major Brothers ran in to force The Ox from the ring while pointing out the OVW Southern Tag-Team Title in The Ox’s hand all the while!

    Al Snow was literally dragged into the women’s locker-room by ODB to confront OVW Women’s Champ Katie Lea about a match. Snow made clear that ODB was the Number One Contender for the Title and therefore she and Lea would have to have a match. As Katie tried to beg off, ODB took a couple of steps towards her. Katie backed up and then – somehow – managed to hurt her ankle so she wouldn’t be able to have a match for at least a couple of weeks. Thinking about it, Snow agreed that she should rest up so she could defend the title against ODB at the first OVW Summer Sizzler Series show on June 1 st at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom! ODB and Snow high-fived over the match and Al took off before Katie could object. As ODB shouted that the title would be coming home with her on June 1 st , Katie stomped her “injured” foot in protest.

    Kasey James came to the ring to state how he had “had it up to HERE!” with Jake Hager! He then demanded that Hager come out so they could settle things once and for all! Cassidy James then appeared with a broomstick dressed in Hager’s wrestling gear! As Cassidy did a sickly voice to impersonate Hager, Kasey ran “Jake” down for a bit before the two began beating and tearing apart “Jake.” Just as they were finishing, however, the real Jake Hager ran into the ring and cleared the ring of the two after hitting them with several forearms and clotheslines! As the James Boys stumbled away, Hager grabbed one of the mics and told them that he had a “big, BIG surprise” for the two come June 1 st at Kentucky Kingdom!

    REF: Goose Mahoney

    If Jay Bradley wants to eventually grasp a chance at the Heavyweight Title, it suits him no better than to have his first match on OVW Television be against the former OVW Heavyweight Champ Chet the Jett! Bradley tossed Chet to get out of a headlock, shaking Chet up a little in the process, but then missed with a knee-drop. The two went back and forth with chops and tosses until Jay got Chet down for a number of sharp elbows to the face and chest. Chet got out of a two-count, but couldn’t move fast enough to get away from Bradley, who jumped on Chet for another headlock. The struggle moved to a corner where Jay hit a couple of chops and elbows before tossing Chet to the center of the ring for a few knees to the noggin. A mistimed run to the corner for Jay allowed Chet to finally work some offense into the match with a series of blows to Bradley’s head, yet only got a two-count out of a follow-up slam. An attempt at the Jettstream missed when Bradley moved out of the way, however, allowing Jay to knock Chet down with a strong clothesline and pin him for the win!

    Asking for the microphone, Jay demanded a title match against Burchall “right now!” An angry “Ripper” came out shouting that Bradley obviously did not know who he was and what he was capable of, grabbing ref Goose Mahoney by the head to demonstrate. That brought Aaron Stevens out to confront Burchall and demand they start their rematch right then. As they stared each other in the eye, Bradley came up and shoved Burchall, who then shoved Bradley and Stevens, leading to Burchall and Stevens going at it in front of the announcers’ desk! Knocking Burchall now, Stevens turned and slugged a grinning Bradley, forcing him to the floor. The three men then went at it until Al Snow interrupted them with his trusty baseball bat. Telling all there – but especially emphasizing his words to Bradley – Snow told them that HE was the one that decided what matches would happen! Suspending all three for two weeks, he had them dragged out one by one, telling them that he would decide what fates were in stored for them next week on OVW Television!


    REF: Ray Ramsey

    Lewington grew frustrated at the start of the match as Spears kept holding him off, backing away to the ropes and demanding the Ramsey keep Lewington back until he was ready. When the time finally did come, Spears tried to sucker Steve with an elbow to the head. Lewington responded with an undercut that sent Spears flying straight out of the ring!

    Lewington followed Spears out, daring him to tap him on the chin, but Spears meekly backed away and rolled into the ring in order to try to attack Steve when he followed. Lewington took the blows for a bit before stopping Shawn in mid-swing with a chop and ramming him into a corner for a few chops of his own! Lewington then went on to simply toss and slam Spears all over the ring until Spears tried to beg off, which Lewington just couldn’t believe. As Lewington backed Spears up to a corner, Ramsey tried to break them up, momentarily putting his head down. This allowed Spears to give Steve an eyepoke and throw him down in order to stomp on his head with both feet!

    Although Spears tried to follow-up with a few punches and chops, Lewington quickly recovered and hit a few hard chops before getting a two-count. Spears rolled out for what became clear as a way to sucker Lewington into following him, but when he tried to slam Steve’s head into the apron, Steve stopped the move and instead slammed Shawn’s head! And again. Then, after pointing out a “Crybaby Shawn” sign in the crowd, Steve tossed Shawn back into the ring for a series of elbows and a facebuster. As Lewington got ready to wrap things up, Shawn managed to get a good elbow in on Steve’s head and then a boot to the gut in a corner. With a standing dropkick to the back of the head, Lewington went down and Shawn Spears managed to hold him in place just long enough to get the pin and keep the OVW Television Title!

    As Spears waited in the ring for the cheers that never came, a video came up on-screen showing Cody Runnels recuperating from the injury he obtained from Spears’ piledriver a few weeks back on OVW Television. Cody wanted to know “what all the OVW fans want to know,” why did Shawn attack him in the ring when he was “this close” to winning the OVW Heavyweight Title? Looking back at their past together and how Spears felt he had to prove he was better than Cody, Runnels ended his message by telling Shawn that when the time comes, “You will lose everything. Everything!”

    What does Cody have in mind for Shawn? What will The Ox do in retaliation for losing twice to Jamin Olivencia? What schemes could Katie Lea possible play out to avoid having to face ODB in the ring at the first Summer Sizzler Series show at Six Flags on June 1 st ? What is the “big, BIG surprise” Jake Hager has in store for the James Boys? How will the situation between, Stevens, Bradley and Burchall be worked out by Al Snow, and can they avoid killing each other before Snow’s decision?

    The only way to find out is to keep watching OVW Television on the CW Network in Louisville and Cincinnati. Until next time, remember to keep hitting the OVW live events in your area!

    Credit: Dale Sherman of