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JunkNews Retraction – Pacman Jones Coming To TNA Is Not “Awesome”

I’d like to issue a retraction to an Editorial I wrote earlier in which I stated that Pacman Jones coming to TNA would be awesome. I believed him to be a combination of my two favorite fictional characters, Pacman and Indiana Jones. I just pictured this guy in a hat with a whip running around eating the turnbuckles and running away from snakes. I thought Christian Cage was going to chase him around in a red sheet, but then Pacman Jones would eat the ring bell and Christian’s sheet would turn blue and Pacman would chase him around. Pacman Jones would have a wife who looked just like him except for a bow in her hair and they’d go on adventures searching for mythical artifacts.

I recently discovered he’s a skinny guy (for a pro wrestler) who was involved in an incident where someone wound up paralyzed and he was charged with two counts of felony coercion. His appearance in TNA so soon after the Benoit murders is perhaps the last thing professional wrestling needs at this point and time. Being that he’ll appear on a channel which has a game show which recreates real, recent, grisly crime scenes, it’s probably a perfect fit.

We here at InsidePulse still hopes to one day see our Pacman Jones in TNA, eating cherries for extra points with his father Sean Connery.