Hardy, Ashley, J.R., Jacobs & Victoria Blog Updates

Ashley has written on her MySpace blog that she will be getting the cast off her hand (broken with two torn tendons) March 25, and for those of you concerned, she has gained five pounds.

In his latest MySpace blog post, Jimmy Jacobs writes about why he hates Alex Shelley so much and challenges the MCMG to a match in Detroit.

Victoria is apologetic for missing a recent Oshkosh show due to inclement weather.

Jim Ross loves his blog, and writes about the late Don Curtis, why time limits in wrestling matches is a plus, Matt Cappotelli, Miz & Morrison’s awesome “Dirt Sheet” on WWE.com, Lashley training for MMA & more.

Finally, Matt Hardy says he’s healthy and ready to go, and that Helms is training for a comeback as well…

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