VIII – 10.31.08
by Bambi Weavil on October 31, 2008

Welcome to the latest edition of VIII! This is a special Halloween edition, in honor of birthday girl and amazing singer/songwriter Heather Lloyd of ilyAIMY. Heather also has a solo album called Upholstered Fortress, available through her MySpace page.

“Silver Lining Shined”
If you want a good example of poetry in music, Heather is one of the best at her songwriting craft. This is optimism put to music.

This is one of my favorite songs on this album and in the ilyAIMY collection—high-energy, infused folk/rock with ilyAIMY’s Rob Hinkal on guitar and Lloyd’s powerful djembe playing. There’s great reflection and imagery in this piece, with the death of a relationship, a pine box metaphor and the great line: “one day they will bury me in a redundant skin”.

“Letters from the Front”
This one is pretty self-explanatory, with the soldier/going-to-war theme, but of course it could be applied to any relationship between two people who are having to decide what’s worth fighting for.

Favorite lines: “I am open to suggestion / I am open to solution / And in the quiet between fire, we could trade absolution.”

“Simile Blue”
This is a live recording, and one of the strongest songs from the album that can quiet a bar down. It has a “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” aspect and moving gentleness that Heather can nail.

“Illinois Is Overflowing”
Another live recording, about taking a long drive in Illinois, in the neverending pouring rain, with a lover in the passenger side. This has more of a blues sound, with the guitar providing the perfect instrumental.

Favorite lines: “The intestines of cassette tapes are shining at the curb / Begging just one more play / Begging just one more ride”

“No Place Is Home”
The final song off this album has a gorgeous keyboard accompaniment and Halloween background.

Favorite lines: “Please invite me to come inside / I can stay young one more night / Underneath this half-moon safety / We’ve got the rest of our lives.”

“Pretty Girl” by Some Velvet Morning
I chose Some Velvet Morning to end this column because they have such a strong rock sound that could easily be mainstream. This should definitely be on a movie soundtrack, and yes, Heather Lloyd is a pretty girl.

“Propaganda” by Some Velvet Morning
This is another strong rock song from my favorite UK band, and is one of the most appropriate songs to check out before Election Day. Just remember, it’s all propaganda.

Official Digs: MySpace

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