The Shield – Episode 7-12 Review

Hot tamales! That confession scene was INSANE!

He’s been investigated several times over for some of the most horrific crimes ever, and yet the only person to finally prove to a listening ear just how evil and corrupt Vic Mackey truly is, was himself. Olivia looked like she got handed a death sentence from a doctor after Vic was done laying out his past indiscretions for his immunity deal. He started from the beginning and didn’t leave a single stone unturned. Every sick, twisted, heinous thing Vic has ever done is ON TAPE. And the irony is, no one can do a thing about it.

But at what price? It appears as if Ronnie will now be thrown under the bus; he’ll most likely be dragged kicking and screaming to his death. Vic’s original intent was to get them both immunity and Fed badges, but Ronnie’s deal was going to take longer than anticipated, so Vic turned the deal down and threatened to let his work with Beltran just go up in flames. When Corrine was “arrested”, however, Vic saw no choice but to take the deal – with or without Ronnie, in order to save himself and his family.

By the way, go ahead and give Michael Chiklis the Emmy and the Golden Globe again.

Meanwhile, Shane’s trying to scrape together some more cash, and in the process of doing so, Mara ends up shooting and killing a woman, and breaking her collar bone in the process. The rest of this story followed Shane around as he tried to get some pain medication for Mara. He’s been on the run since the eighth episode; I think it’s time they FINALLY put this story to bed, as it’s beginning to feel played out. Oh, that’s right, the series finale is a week away. Guess they will.

Perhaps I’m an evil bastard, but it was delicious watching Claudette lose it upon learning of Vic’s immunity deal. Her moral brigade has certainly worn thin; while I do not foresee her ultimately losing this war, it was nice, for the time being, to see her fall so hard from her high horse.

The series finale is next week. I’ve watched this show from the very beginning and have never missed an episode during its allotted time slot. I certainly won’t miss next week’s farewell ride. But I will miss the show once it’s over. Oh, how I will miss this brilliant show.

Joseph Henson is a film-critic and would-be screenwriter. If you enjoyed his observations, please feel free to leave him a comment or two.