The Hills – Episode 4-17 Review

Nana Pratt made her first appearance this week and boy was it a good one. Spencer played the cookie-cutter grandson while Stephanie was cast as the villian. Spencer claims he talks to his grandmother everyday and with his apparent lack of employment, that’s not too hard to believe.

Anyway, Stephanie tries to steal Nana’s attention while Spencer and Heidi act as fake as possible towards the poor old woman. In fact, Nana sadly glorifies Spencer like some sort of god and I can’t help but feel for Stephanie. Either way, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Nana and kiss-ass Spencer trailing behind her.

Of course last week we were left right in the middle of a Audrina/Lauren fight. Playing the victim in an event that probably never happened, she took some random guy’s word over one of her best friends and believed that Lauren and Justin hooked up. This week we find out that Justin isn’t even speaking to Audrina and I really can’t blame him. Audrina’s behavior last week was embarrassing and hard to watch.

She basically had to be told my coworkers and family members that she should apologize to Lauren. So finally, the two meet up to talk and she offers her regret and to be honest, it was hard to tell if it was genuine or not. Always the eloquent one, Lauren tries to explain the idea of trust and friendship to a torn-up Audrina. Audrina breaks down and claims she’s lost herself. While I hate to see the girl cry, Lauren was right. It’s almost as though Audrina expects the worst out people. Hm…I wonder where she gets that from.

From the looks of it, next week will be a Whitney-focused episode as we get to peek into her new life in New York.

Sharon Tharp is a freelance writer who has contributed to a variety of publications including and the Web sites of both Marie Claire and CosmoGIRL! magazines.