Owen Hart Rocks (Also, TNA Spoilers)

For next Thursday’s show…

– Taylor Wilde & Roxxi beat the Beautiful People when Wilde pinned Love. Traci Brooks was the referee.

– Rhino beat Lance Rock. The Frontline came out afterwards as he cut a promo on the Main Event Mafia. At Genesis, Rhino will leave Sting in a pile of his own piss, blood and shit. Mmm, gooey. A.J. Styles cuts a promo on Scott Steiner. Samoa Joe says he thrives on violence and promises DEATH.

– Chris Sabin beat Sonjay Dutt in an X Title tournament match. Sheik Abdul Bashir watched from the top of the ramp.

– Booker T & Scott Steiner beat Abyss & Matt Morgan when Booker pinned Morgan. Booker hit Morgan with a lead pipe whilst Sharmell distracted Abyss with a colouring book.

– Kurt Angle recapped Jeff Jarrett’s career, acknowleding all of his championships. This led to an Owen Hart chant from the crowd. Angle babbled on about Genesis, leaving Jarrett in a pool of his own blood (yet not piss and shit? Aw.) and how Jarrett’s three daughters will soon be orphans. There is no second Owen Hart chant. He says that Uncle Kurt might adopt the girls. IMPLIED CHILD ABUSE = BUYS. Jeff Jarrett finally stops being a prick and tried to confront Angle but B.G. James, Terry Taylor, Earl Hebner and Scott D’Amore hold him back. Security guys hold Angle back. Nothing happens. I miss Owen Hart.

– Hiyoshi beat Consequences Creed with a moonsault.

– Christy Hemme & ODB beat Rhaka Khan & Raisha Said when Christy pinned Khan. Awesome Kong attacked Hemme and ODB afterwards but Suicide showed up and she was scared away.

– A.J. Styles & Samoa Joe beat Sting & Kevin Nash in a Cage Match when Styles escaped. All good babyfaces run away. Joe, a moron, stayed in the cage and was beaten down by Nash and Sting. The rest of the Mafia joined in as Sting went outside after Styles. Steiner locked the cage shut. Earl Hebner eventually unlocked it but the Frontline were still kept outside until Styles climbed in and took out Angle. Joe was screaming in pain like a little bitch as the Mafia retreated.

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