WWE Tribute to the Troops Report

TONIGHT, the tradition continues!

But first, we open with a message from outgoing President, George W. Bush.

Recorded from Camp Victory.  Michael Cole & Jerry the King Lawler are calling the action tonight.

Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, & R-Truth v. The Miz, John Morrison, & John Bradshaw Layfield

Truth and Morrison start off in this match.  Morrison takes it to Truth in the corner.  We get a break and Morrison gyrates in a bit.  Spinning heel kick by Truth.  Miz comes in and he goes out.  JBL comes in from behind and he misses the short-arm clothesline.  Hardy drops JBL outside and we get a TRIO OF PLANCHAS on the heels.  The faces celebrate in the ring as we go to commercial.


We’re back as Punk gets drilled by Miz in the corner.  That gets two.  Miz gets Punk in a chinlock, but Punk comes back with a kick to the side of his head.  Morrison gets the tag and he cuts Punk off in the past.  Punk reverses a whip into a snap powerslam!  In comes Miz and Jeff Hardy!  Wraparound clotheline connects as does the double leg drop.  Miz is down in the corner and Hardy hits a turnbuckle dropkick for TWO!  Miz runs into an elbow and Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind for two.  Miz gets kicked to the ropes and JBL tags in.  Hardy attempts the Twist of Fate on Miz, but JBL stops it with a lariat.  Powerbomb try and R-Truth stops it.  JBL waits for Hardy and BIG BOOT CONNECTS!  The Clothesline from Hell misses, but the Twist of Fate does not!  Hardy goes up and he hits the Swanton Bomb for the three!

Winners: R-Truth, CM Punk, & Jeff Hardy.

We highlight the tour of Iraq where the superstars spend time with the troops.


We are back and it’s time for Santa Claus to come out!  This year, we get TWO clauses…CRYME TYME that is!  They bring out Santa’s helpers, which are the WWE Divas.  They come out and they hand out gifts and kisses.  Mickie James gets handed the big guns and Alicia Fox kisses a few people.

We get another highlight video of the tour.


We are back and we get more touring video, this time of the memorial wall and how an Iraqi soldier talked to the troops.  The country has changed over the last few years the WWE was here.

The Big Show makes his way to the ring for our second six-man tag team match!

Big Show, Chris Jericho, & Randy Orton v. Batista, Rey Mysterio, & John Cena

The bell sounds as Orton and Batista start things off.  Orton takes it to Batista in the corner.  We go pillar to post and Batista turns it around.  Batista Bomb early on is countered.  In comes Chris Jericho and he beats on Batista.  He mocks the troops and he goes off the ropes.  BLACK HOLE SLAM BY BATISTA!  Mysterio tags in and he sets Jericho up for the 619.  He goes for it, but Big Show intercepts Mysterio and pulls him out to the floor.


We’re back with a series of pictures of the superstars and the troops.

In progress, Mysterio and Jericho are still going at it.  Jericho cuts Mysterio off from making a tag and he slaps away at Mysterio.  To the corner Mysterio goes, he cuts Jericho off.  Big Show intervenes with a head butt and Jericho pisses off the Big Show.  Jericho pie faces Show and he gets chokeslammed for his troubles.  Orton comes in and he gets taken out as well.  Big Show decides to leave and it becomes a handicap match,  Cena and Orton get the tags.  Shouldertackles by Cena.  Protobomb connects and he drops the five knuckles.  Orton gets hoisted for the FU, but Jericho stops that.  Batista comes in and he gets dropped with an inverted backbreaker.  Orton readies for the RKO, but Cena sends Orton to Jericho to the ropes.  Mysterio hits both men with the 619.  Batista hits the Batista Bomb on Jericho and Cena gives the FU to Orton at the same time for the double pinfall.

Winners: John Cena, Rey Mysterio, & Batista

We get a send off video to finish up this year’s episode of Tribute to the Troops.  Thank you for spending your Saturday Night with me and I will be back Monday for an exciting edition of RAW!

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