Total Nonstop Weekly – 02.19.2009

Last week’s column never came to fruition due to the nice fact that when I sat down to do my column, I had company.  I tried to scrap it for a Friday release, but I was out longer than expected looking for a new car.  Excuses aside, I’m back this week and I’ll catch everyone up to speed with what is going on in TNA.  This week will feature a slightly different format.

TNA Rapid-Fire

Stevie Richards is currently playing the role of Abyss’ therapist.

Midway is working on the second TNA video game despite filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

Cute Kip v. Eric Young!

Jakks Pacific will have some TNA action figures for the January 2010 launch.

Christy Hemme is not ready to return to the ring, which conflicts the last column where she made an indy appearance.  That part was true, but all she did was slap SoCal Val.

TNA is running a 18,000 seat venue in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 20th.

Matt Morgan could play a villain in Smallville, but it is not confirmed.

As expected, there will be more cut as contracts end.  The theory is that those affected will not be resigned, rather than being released early.

TNA Begins to Trim the Fat

No, they didn’t fire the right people.  At any rate, TNA has begun the tedious process of trimming their roster.  Petey Williams, Lance Rock, and Jimmy Rave have been future endeavored from TNA.  Cute Kip, BG James, Shark Boy, and Rhaka Khan have been saved from the recent trimming, but they are most likely on the endangered species list.  The net was shocked with the release of Williams, who has actually worked harder than the aforementioned superstars and has always done what he was told to.  The theory behind William’s release might actually be a test for him to see whether he would take a deal from the WWE.  This is just from my personal opinion.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Williams gets resigned to TNA or be used as enhancement talent down the road.

Lance Rock and Jimmy Rave on the other hand, these releases aren’t that surprising considering that they weren’t involved in any major angle or in the Tag Team Division.  Speaking on tag teams, what does TNA’s Tag Team Division look like?

TNA Tag Team Division

Beer Money (champions)
Team 3-D
Jay Lethal/Consequences Creed
The Motor City Machine Guns

There are other tag teams, but they aren’t listed due to not “teaming enough” or they aren’t involved in the titles at all.  Cutting the Rock n’ Rave Infection does not serve as a huge loss to TNA, but the cuts could have been better used elsewhere.  The cuts aren’t over with by any means.

TNA Against All Odds Review

Check out my real-time report for what went down at Against All Odds a couple weeks ago.  Here’s the quick results:

Alex Shelley d. Eric Young via possum rollup
Scott Steiner d. Petey Williams via the Steiner Screwdriver
Brutus Magnus d. Chris Sabin via the Tormentum
Awesome Kong d. ODB via Implant Buster
Booker T d. Shane Sewell via the Axe Kick
Abyss d. Matt Morgan via the Black Hole Slam
Beer Money d. Lethal Consequences via Storm Chain Shot to Lethal
Sting d. Brother Ray, Brother Devon, & Kurt Angle via Scorpion Death Drop on Brother Ray

What Did I Miss Last Week?

I’m watching it as I speak, but you can check out Daniel Douglas’ real-time coverage from last week’s iMPACT.  Here’s the quick results, while I’m spoiling myself.

Team 3-D d. Kurt Angle & Sting via MEM blowup
Scott Steiner d. Petey Williams via grabbing the headdress from a pole
Sojourner Bolt won a Knockouts Gauntlet Battle Royal by pinning Madison Rayne
Lethal Consequences d. the Motor City Machine Guns via Sliced Bread reversal into a flapjack
Beer Money d. Abyss & Rhino via Matt Morgan interference
Sting did not lay down for Kurt Angle

This Week on iMPACT

Sorry, I threw up a bit in my mouth after reading a blurb on Google about Joanie Laurer making another sex tape.  Anyways, what is on tap for iMPACT tonight?

Kurt Angle and Sting will settle their differences in an Empty Arena Showdown.
Six Man Tag Action: LAX & Shane Sewell takes on Brutus Magnus, Sheik Abdul Bashir, & Matt Morgan
Lethal Consequences seek revenge on the Motor City Machine Guns in a Street Fight
Beer Money will unveil an unique open challenge.
Dr. Stevie will be on the program.

All that and so much more tonight on iMPACT!

Ratings News

Two weeks ago, TNA iMPACT dipped from a 1.2 to a 1.0.  Last week, ratings rebound back to a 1.2 and they scored their third largest viewership in the program’s history.  This week, it could be possible for TNA iMPACT to break a 1.3 ratings record, especially with the main event signed.  Of course I’m wishing, but if it happens, I’ll be pointing it out next week.

TNA Signs New Talent

TNA has signed Ashley Lane, who played Madison Rayne on the last episode of iMPACT.  Also signed was “The Dark Angel” Sarah Stock from CMLL.  These two signings seem to be a way to bolster the TNA Knockouts Division.  The Knockouts are featured in some of the highest rated segments on iMPACT, so this is a good thing that TNA is expanding on this division.  Now if we can get Cheerleader Melissa instead of Raisha Saeed, then I’ll be begging for an all-Knockout’s wrestling show.  The better news is that more Knockout signings are expected.

In other signing news, Rob Terry, fresh out of the Team 3-D Training Academy, was signed to a two-year contract.  He is the third student from the academy to get a deal. I can’t comment on him since I’ve never seen him wrestle.

TNA Destination X Card

A new segment to Total Nonstop Weekly will feature the current card for the next TNA Pay-Per-View.  In the event that no matches are signed, I’ll make guesses to the potential line-up.

Confirmed Matches
As of today, no matches have been signed for Destination X.

Potential Matches
Ultimate X for the World Tag Team Titles – Beer Money v. Lethal Consequences v. The Motor City Machine Guns
Matt Morgan v. Abyss – Hardcore type match
Samoa Joe v. Scott Steiner
AJ Styles v. Booker T for the Legend’s Championship
Kurt Angle v. Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

This Week in Wrestling

No Way Out / Smark Rant
SmackDown / 10 Thoughts
iMPACT / 10 Thoughts

On the Pulse

Mark Allen talks about Sunday’s No Way Out
Vinny T gives us a history lesson on WWF’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Here’s some annual Hulk Hogan news as we near Wrestlemania.
Andy Wheeler takes a journey to his first live ROH show.
Finally, Kace Evers is back discussing possibilities to Wrestlemania 25.


Don’t forget to tune into iMPACT tonight and help them break their viewership record.  After that, catch Norine and Victor tomorrow night for SmackDown.  I will be back Monday for RAW and next Thursday to do this all over again.  Have a great weekend!

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