Total Nonstop Weekly – 05.28.09

It’s been four days, but there is still plenty to talk about in the Land of Russo. At least we don’t have cardboard cut-outs of Rocky Balboa or Vince Russo sleeping at Mick Foley’s house this week. However, I have Sacrifice results and some not-so-important news as TNA tapes its next four weeks of iMPACT programming. I promise that this week will be short and sweet.

TNA Rapid-Fire

TNA Mobile has sent out a text message mentioning that Raven & Shane Douglas are returning to TNA and that Lisa Marie Varon (formerly Victoria) will be making her debut in TNA.

Shane Sewell was released from TNA when the two sides couldn’t agree on a new contract.

TNA taped four weeks of iMPACT this week.

And…TNA’s website has a countdown on their website that is shy of eight days. There’s no idea as to what this countdown is for, but it seems to end on June 4th. This could be a special deal on TNA merchandise, a “former world champion” coming to TNA, Jeff Hardy’s WWE contract ends, or the day Vince Russo gets a clue.

TNA on YouTube

Special Offer from Hermie Sadler

Spin Cycle: Knockouts Edition

TNA Sacrifice ThrowDown

Catch PK’s live report for the play-by-play of all the action from TNA Sacrifice.

Eric Young & Lethal Consequences d. Sheik Abdul Bashir & The Motor City Machine Guns (Creed Sunset Flip on Bashir With Ref-Assist; pinfall) – Well, the show kicked off on the right step and it’s good to know that Bashir is still be treated like the ref’s little b****. They got nearly 15 minutes, which is shocking since a similar match on iMPACT would be lucky to get five minutes with commercials. Good stuff.

Taylor Wilde d. Daffney (Death Valley Driver on trash can; pinfall) – AND THE CROWD GOES MILD! I remember when the participants were locked up for 24 hours before the match, and this was not the match to use Wilde and Daffney in. A regular street fight would have sufficed. When I hear Monster’s Ball, I want dangerous weapons, blood, and gore. Abyss v. Stevie would have been the better match-up, no offense to the ladies, who had about four minutes to get the job done.

Daniels d. Suicide Daniels v. Suicide went to a DRAW (original pinfall not counting due to Daniels not wanting to accept the title due to MCMG interference) – Ahhh, the not-so-Dusty Finish here. Then again, one could call Daniels an idiot to not accept the win and give Suicide a rematch. The concept went around the five minute overtime and Suicide retains by the skin of his teeth. This should be more interesting.

Angelina Love d. Awesome Kong (Hairspray usage; roll-up; pinfall) – Kong killed Love in the match, but Love hangs onto her title with help from hairspray. This shows that you can crush any backup your opponent has, but when your opponent has more tricks than you do, you’ll still lose out. I suspect that the feud continues…but I’m not even looking at the four weeks of spoilers.

Samoa Joe d. Kevin Nash (Clutch submission; Nash submits) – Give Nash two points. One for showing up; and one for taking the loss cleanly. The match was slow, but I believe Nash is still working injured, so I can almost excuse that. Samoa Joe keeps his emotions in check, which was another shocker.

Beer Money d. The British Invasion (Storm Last Call on Williams followed by a briefcase shot from Roode; pinfall) – The right team went over and that is all that matters. The British Invasion will be a mainstay if they continue the path they are on; but the fans were practically begging for another Team 3-D/Beer Money match and we’ll get that at Slammiversary. Good tag match all around.

AJ Styles d. Booker T (Jenna Morasca throws in the towel; “I Quit by proxy”) – This was a damned good match, in my opinion. I’d give this one match of the night honors, but when I can script the finish before it occurs, then it drags it down a little bit. I perfectly guessed in the Writer’s Forum that Morasca would get involved and throw the towel to quit for Booker. But it was still fun to watch.

Sting d. Foley, Angle, & Jarrett (Jarrett Top Rope Stroke on Angle; Sting picks up the scraps; Sting is the new leader of the Main Event Mafia; Mick Foley retains the TNA World Title) – The main event on paper looked like a disaster, but three out of the four men worked a good match, which drags it into the acceptable category. I’m all for Foley’s title reign, however…I didn’t care to see Foley chat it up with the announce team during the match. That makes the match look less important. But it was better than most of TNA’s main events over the past few months, so I can’t complain.

The Grade for TNA Sacrifice: B-

TNA iMPACT Ratings

Last week’s rating came in and it was a 1.1, which was lower than the 1.2 from the week prior. Considering how bad the show was, I’m not overly surprised.

TNA iMPACT Preview

Tonight, TNA begins the build for Slammiversary with “King of the Mountain” qualifying matches. Also the TNA X-Division title and the Knockouts Title will be defended. What will Sting do in his first week as the new leader of the Main Event Mafia and what will Mick Foley as he continues his quest in taking over TNA? All these questions and more will be answered tonight!

This Week on the Pulse

Mark Allen goes in depth on the “Denver Debacle”.
Vinny T. analyzes ECW Barely Legal from 1997.

Until Next Time

What will happen in the Land of Russo in the next seven days? I’ll be back next week to unravel the mystery surrounding TNA and give you all the news and rumors you can handle. Until then, have a great weekend!

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