10 Thoughts on SmackDown – 08.07.09

1. CM Punk pulls out the promo goodness yet again. I swear, he’s quickly becoming one of the reasons I tune in to SmackDown each week.

2. I was worried for a minute there that the SmackDown writing team had lost their minds and were actually putting on the headline match first. Ah, Vince McMahon, why can’t you stay away from the good WWE television and go bother RAW some more.

3. It may not have been as good as their Superstars match, John Morrison and Tyson Kidd once again did not fail to entertain.

4. I feel really bad for Charlie Haas. He is just a glorified jobber despite the fact that things were looking up before Shelton Benjamin was sent to ECW. On the other hand, Slam Master J got a win!

5. Dolph Ziggler getting another Intercontinental Championship match? If this means that Ziggler is finally getting the championship, and I think it’s safe to say it does, then I couldn’t be happier about it.

6. Wait, Chris Jericho put over JTG?! This is exactly what sets Chris Jericho apart from the other big stars, such as Triple H and Shawn Michaels, who rarely put over talent for the advancement of storylines. Dont get me wrong, I know they have occasionally done the job to young talent, but Chris Jericho does it so much more often and to wrestlers who will never get a world title run.

7. The Great Khali throws Ricky Ortiz around in a pointless match. Oh the fun.

8. Wait, Kane cant take Singh, how will we know what the Great Khali is saying? More importantly, does Khali ever have anything interesting to say?

9. I’m not a fan of what appears to be a Matt Hardy face turn. The only possible upside I can see from it is if Jeff Hardy is indeed departing after Summerslam, is that maybe Matt will get his main event push.

10. It was predictable that we would see Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk again at Summerslam, but the TLC twist certainly gives it an entirely new psychology. Jeff has proven that he can put on exciting ladder matches numerous times, so hopefully the match at Summerslam will not disappoint.

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