Eureka – Episode 3-14 Review

Tension and speculation about a mysterious alien signal has been building all season and last week we were able to confirm that not only were these transmissions coming from a ship, they were coming from a ship with an American flag on it. What did that mean? Was this a ship from the future? A paralell universe? One of those almost identical to Earth planets that Kirk kept running into on Star Trek? Turns out the answer was none of the above.

I know some people may be annoyed that Eureka spent this all this time building up the possibility of alien contact only to reveal that not only was the ship from our

Earth and our time, it was actually from Eureka, and Henry was involved in building it in the first place. I was actually fairly happy with that outcome myself.

Even though Eureka is a science fiction show, and there’s always been a presumably alien artifact in section 5, I think having actual aliens show up would not really mesh well with the Eureka universe. An organic computer made from Kim’s DNA on the other hand? That’s entirely within in the realm of plausibility for the town of Eureka.

I do have to kind of wonder where they are going with the knowledge Kim has obtained. Apparently, she’s recorded all this amazing information over the past twenty years, but what impact, if any, is all this information going to have on the show. In fictional worlds, uncovering a great wealth of knowledge is pretty meaningless if it doesn’t actually lead to something. And so far, I’m not entirely sure that the information is going to lead anywhere at all. Computer Kim seems to be there only for the impact she has on Henry.

You have to feel bad for Henry with this whole Computer Kim situation. It’s bad enough that he has to deal with working with another version of his dead wife, but it seems pretty likely this storyline is going to end with Henry having watch Kim die for the third time.

I don’t have any information to back up my hunch that Kim will die again. I have no idea how many episodes Tamlyn Tomita is supposed to appear in. Hell, for all I know, this could be intended as a permanent role for her. It just feels like the kind of story that ends in Kim’s death; especially in light of the fact that Kim obviously places higher value on sharing the information she knows than on her own safety.

The only real problem I had with “Ship Happens” was the narrative structure. There wasn’t really any big climatic moment; everything was wrapped up far too easily. The closest the episode got to a climax was when the plasma reactor failed to power up, and that problem was resolved in a matter of seconds when it was revealed Fargo hadn’t given up his booster. Mildly amusing, but hardly the makings of a great climax.

The episode may not have ended with a bang, but I was still quite happy with “Ship Happens.” It will be interesting to see where the Computer Kim storyline goes from here.