Psych – Episode 4-2 Review

This episode was amusing and definitely quotable but I do not think that it was one of the best.

Flashback: Shawn pretends he is sick to get out of going over someone’s house but it is pretty obvious he is lying. After giving Shawn some tips on pretending that you’re sick and finding out that the family is vegan, Henry lies about being sick too.

Present: Chief asks Shawn and Gus for help in locating a missing person named Warren Clayton. Gus has heard of him before, he is an investor. Lassiter tells Shawn there is no way he finds the plane before he does because he is on an ATV and Shawn has to walk. When will Lassiter learn? Its too late for help he dies shortly after Shawn and Gus find him leaving them with his last wish “find out who killed me”.

Shawn wants to fulfill Warren’s wish and gets himself hired by impressing his widow Alice. She asks them what they would need to solve this case. Shawn says he will need to become Warren by doing everything he would do. She agrees and invites Shawn and Gus to start their investigation with dinner at her estate. While waiting to be picked up by a private car, Shawn embellishes on the story to Abigail. All Abigail is interested in is when she can meet Shawn’s father. Shawn tries to explain to Abigail why he does not want her to meen his father. She tells him that she will stop pressuring him right before his private car arrives.

From the appearance of the house, Shawn and Gus think that these people have real class. This opinion changes at dinner. This family is a mess! Daughter Nyna is “no longer with them”, son was angry at his father, wife was having an affair with the tennis instructor, and Warren was having an affair with the housekeeper.  Shawn says that he is sure one of the people in their house killed Warren. Alice, insulted, fires Shawn and kicks him out of the house.

Now Shawn must do some real investigating of his own and heads to the golf club that Warren frequented. Shawn learns that Warren won his plane in a golfing bet and bought a private hanger at the airport for his whole family to use. Anyone of them could have done it.

On their way to the hanger Gus tells Shawn he should check up on Abigail. He is finally convinced and calls her learning that she went and met his dad anyway. Worse, She has planned for the three of them to go out for dinner. At the hanger Gus wonders how they will be able to snoop around. To his horror, Shawn has scheduled flying lessons for Gus so he has a reason for being in the hanger. Shawn finds records that say Clayton made an unscheduled stop in Bakersfield the day the died. With help from Juliet they are able to trace Clayton’s stop to an environmental organization called The Great Green Hope.

They have a meeting with Mrs. Thomas, the lady in charge of the non-profit organization. Shawn starts to annoy her by opening many water bottles at once saying he always forgets which one is his and likes the “clicky” sound that the bottle makes when it is opened. She confesses that Warren did come to visit her and they talked about business. Shawn ticks her off some more by wasting paper. Gus tells her to ignore Shawn and continue on why Clayton was there. She says that he wanted her endorsement in a business move that she did not approve of and when she refused things got heated between them. However, she is used to Clay’s temper. Shawn and Gus leave after her husband stops by, noting that she changed the subject when he came in. That and using the name Clay, a name his wife called him, and Mrs. Thomas may have been a little more than a business partner.

Shawn goes back to Mrs. Clayton’s house and tells her he was wrong and her family is off the hook. Lassie and Jules say that Clayton’s will had been changed to give The Great Green Hope most of his estate and that their new suspect has a pilot’s license which means she new enough to tamper with the plane and cause the crash. Mrs. Thomas arrives for the will reading and is arrested. Shawn and Gus should have learned Mrs. Thomas’ first name it is Nyna the daughter of Warren Clayton. Mrs. Clayton promptly kicks Shawn and Gus out of her house again.

Mrs. Thomas is shocked that Shawn would think she killed her father. She says that she lost contact with her family years ago when she gave up their way of life in exchange for her new one with her husband. Her dad was trying to make amends but she did not want his dirty money. She does not know who killed him but did overhear him talking to a golf buddy about a problem with his investment.

Shawn and Gus return to the golf course and talk to Wiswall, the man who lost his plane to Clayton in the bet. Shawn claims to have had a vision of an argument. Wiswall said he called Warren shortly before his death and learned that his hedge fund was a Ponzi scheme. Wiswall says that the money is already gone and he is currently living in a hotel but keeping up appearances at the golf course to cover it up. Wiswall had called Clayton to ask him for the plane back so he could sell it for a few million dollars, Clayton refused. He still has the falsified documents as proof if he ever needs them.

Time has come for dinner with his father and Abigail. Abigail comments on how surprised she is that Shawn did not apply to the academy since he is doing pretty much the same thing. Shawn does not want to get into that. Abigail steps in and offers her advice between Shawn and his father. Says if they were more open maybe things would be better. Henry agrees to try so Shawn asks him if he was in a horrible crash with only fifteen seconds left to live, what message would he want to send Shawn, his only son. Henry refuses to answer and before anything else can be said Shawn gets a text from Gus saying Wiswall is handing over his evidence to the cops.

Lassiter and Juliet bust open Wiswall’s hotel room and find him dead on his bed. Looks like another murder by the same person. Shawn spots the evidence of Warren Clayton’s hedge fund on the floor. Why would the killer leave that behind? Shawn has an idea of who it is and where they will be next.

Shawn decides to reveal the killer when people close to Warren Clayton are invited to say a few words. Shawn beats Mrs. Clayton to the podium and has a vision through Warren’s remains. He picks up the urn and twirls around with it, stopping in front of Nyna’s husband Charles.  He says Charles killed him to prevent Warren from being able to take their non-profit organization out of his will.  Then when he found out Wiswall was going to expose the Ponzi scheme he killed him to so the account would not be frozen. Charles confesses after Nyna fills in the blanks that he was gone for hours after her father left and was mysteriously shredding paper. The police hold Charles and the funeral resumes.

Shawn goes to his father’s house to apologize about the dinner. Henry accepts and tells Shawn he has come up with an answer to his dying message question. Before Henry gets a chance to answer Shawn’s fifteen seconds run up and he leaves saying too late you’re dead. After Shawn walks out Henry says that he wanted Shawn to know he loved him.

I wish Shawn would give his father a chance, he is not as bad as Shawn makes him out to be.