Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE SummerSlam 2009


It’s the biggest event of the summer. WWE tried to brand SummerSlam as the summer’s version of WrestleMania, but with the card they presented, the result might be questionable. But we at Inside Pulse give SummerSlam the proper treatment with an extra large roundtable, featuring some new participants that make their roundtable debut this month. So sit back and enjoy the Pulse picks for WWE SummerFest 2009.

WWE Championship:
Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

Widro: Even though it’s the first one on one match in a while, it still seems like Cena and Orton have wrestled A LOT. There doesn’t seem to be that “babyface momentum” to carry Cena to a win so I think Orton retains.
Winner: Orton

Andrew Wheeler: I have to believe that Punk/Hardy is the true main event of SummerSlam, especially when you consider it will be the last appearance of Jeff for the foreseeable future. With that said, this match has sort of been an afterthought in terms of build-up. I made a comment on my RAW “FYC” that I liked the fact that this match is an Old School “which guy is better” feud, but it’s been so short-changed that you have to believe it isn’t going to be one and done. The next PPV is “Breaking Point”, with a submission theme running throughout the entire show, and Cena’s STFU could be broken out next month. With that said, I’ve picked Cena to go over and win so many times (and had it bite me in the ass every month), that I can’t forgive myself if I don’t go with him this week and he wins. So, let me try to work this thing out a little bit. Barring some insane circumstances (which I will get to later), DX is probably going to dismantle Legacy. That means that on RAW on Monday, a dejected Orton might dismantle the team once and for all. Since the WWE never likes to do anything subtle, they will probably want Orton to lose his gold and his team, and set up the rematch at the next PPV. The company knows that Punk is going to walk out of SummerSlam with the World Title, so maybe they want the fans to go home happy(ish) with a Cena win. Assuming that Cena does win, the next show can be main evented with a Cena/Orton rematch. If Orton wins, who is next? Do we want to see HHH/Orton again? Or HBK/Orton again? Ugh, what if the WWE sets up an Orton/Henry feud to main event the next lull until Survivor Series? The way I see it, if the WWE gives us a Cena title run, it could free up a guy like Jack Swagger to move up and get a test run in the main event. This entire show is made up of matches that could go either way, but I really have to think that giving us a fresh WWE Champion (baring in mind that Cena hasn’t had his spinny belt in a LONG whole) would make SummerSlam that much more impactful, especially with this refocus that Slam is WrestleMania Part 2.
Winner: John Cena

Raffi Shamir: Stale. The one word that describes the Raw main event scene. And it’s not going to change any time soon, regardless of who wins this match. But Cena hasn’t held the WWE championship in several months so he might as well win this Sunday and move on to face someone old.
Winner: John Cena

Tess Nolde: I seriously do not care about this match at all, it feels to me that WWE are actually running out of options for an interesting match, due to a lack of contenders that one might pay to see to main event at PPV’s. But we all know that’s actually happening with the raw main event guys, so in terms of who will win, it has been quite a while since WWE’s favorite poster boy Cena has had a belt, which leads me to believe that it is in all likelihood a time to put the belt back on Cena. Orton is probably the stronger competitor in this one, but his title run is starting to get stale. So my money is on Cena.
Winner: John Cena.

Michael O’Mahony: Despite the best efforts of John Cena, who would be an awesome hype man if somebody other than him was wrestling in the main event, I don’t care too much about this. One of very few SummerSlam matches I’m unsure about. But it’s been a while since Cena’s last reign and Orton doesn’t really need it at this point.
Winner: John Cena.

Brian Eison: I have enjoyed Orton as the top heel on Raw and as champion. The problem is that he is getting no one to face besides Cena, Batista, a McMahon or Triple H. Shawn Michaels is a possibility but they have DX merch to sell so I doubt that happens soon. So with Dave hurt and DX busy who else is left to battle? This feud shall be continuing.
Winner: John Cena

Charlie Reneke: Yea! I never saw this one before. I was watching WWE Superstars and when they did the rundown of the SummerSlam card, they called this a ‘revival’ of a dormant feud. Oh come on. This isn’t like Undertaker/Shawn Michaels where they went more then eleven years between matchups. This feud is played out. I’m going with John Cena because Randy Orton/Triple H is penciled in for October’s Hell in a Cell show, and I’m guessing even the thick-skulled WWE brain trust won’t try to pass that off as a main-event title match again, given how badly received that feud has been in 2009. Cena wins and frees Orton up to blow off his feud with Trips.
Pick: John Cena (New WWE Champion)

Mark Allen: The sad thing here is that whoever wins I don’t see anything changing. If Cena wins then Orton cashes in his rematch. If Orton wins then Cena wins a number one contender match to get another match. What should happen is that the winner here takes on their counterpart from the MVP-Jack Swagger match. And then the losers could meet to build the next month or something like that. I’m sure that won’t happen though…
Winner – Randy Orton

Roy Reynolds: Randy Orton has been WWE Champion for a lot longer than I thought was possible. John Cena hasn’t been built up well to become the next world champion, but it’s not like WWE hasn’t done that in the past. Cena will win at SummerFest and make all the kiddies go to bed on a happy note.
Winner: John Cena

Will Pruett: I am absolutely sure that this match will be exciting and will tear the house down. That being said, the winner of this match seems inconsequential. Randy Orton still has some milage left as champion. I see an Orton win, and hopefully a feud with HBK in the near future.
Winner: Randy Orton

Steven Gepp: Tough one. Randy’s on quite the roll but Cena sells stuff and appeals to the PG audience. I think the money’s in the chase in this one, so Orton wins by shenanigans, setting up the programme of chase for the summer, finishing at Royal Rumble 2010 with Cena finally getting the title, setting up WrestleMania against a heel Batista. Or is that too sensible for this creative team?
Winner: (and still champ) Orton III

World Heavyweight Championship – TLC Match:
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. CM Punk

Widro: This should likely be the best match on the card. Matt Hardy could get involved and re-turn on Jeff, but I see Jeff retaining and losing the title on TV this week upcoming.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

Andrew Wheeler: Well, it’s a foregone conclusion, though we thought their last match was a foregone conclusion too. Thankfully, the WWE has planted the seeds that Hardy is leaving, what with him talking about his doctors wanting him to retire and Punk vowing to rid the WWE of Jeff. No matter what happens, this should hopefully be the epic match that solidifies CM Punk as the dominant heel ala Edge a few years ago. While I’m sure Matt Hardy will figure prominently in the finish, the heat needs to stay squarely on the shoulders of Punk. Then, with Punk as the World Champion, he can have a month or two run with John Morrison until Taker shows up to dominate Friday Nights (sadly). The Punk/Hardy feud has been executed perfectly beat-by-beat, even with the return of the Hardy Boys at the last second. The WWE has several options; have Matt turn heel, eradicate his brother from the WWE and become a midcard heel threat or have him stay a face, take Jeff’s spot and be a great job guy for Punk until Taker arrives. It depends on the faith the WWE has in Morrison, not to mention how the crowd will react in terms of embracing Matt. Either way, this match should be great.
Winner: CM Punk

Raffi Shamir: Smackdown has been the home of epic feuds this year, first with Jericho vs. Mysterio and now with Punk vs. Hardy. These two feuds are strong contenders for Feud of the year in my book and it’s going to be hard to choose. Getting down to business, Punk must win here, but I think I said that last month also. Punk’s promos and vicious attacks have carried his end of the feud, while Jeff Hardy has done a passable job of not getting his lines wrong and make the best of his almost nonexistent mic skills. Matt Hardy is a wild card, since the last three weeks of him being all good and nice, especially this last week, can easily be a swerve and he’ll turn on his brother again, in a Royal Rumble rerun. But either with Matt or without him, Jeff will hopefully lose and go away for some time.
Winner: CM Punk

Tess Nolde: A TLC match, which is one of my favorite types of matches. This one basically hinges on Jeff Hardy and the contract. If he doesn’t re-sign, I would assume the sensible thing to do would be to put the belt back on Punk. But that’s not a finish I want to see. If this were possibly the last chance for the public to see Jeff Hardy in a PPV event for a while, at least send him out with a bang. Leave the belt on Hardy and let him entertain us in a way that only Hardy can do.
Winner: Jeff Hardy.

Michael O’Mahony: Somewhere between the internet buzz and the amazing job Punk has done of getting both himself and Jeff over, despite the latter’s complete lack of promo skills, I have this horrible sense that WWE will try to screw us all by keeping the belt on Jeff. In this case, however, I will mark out for Punk finally saying, “Straight Edge means I’m better than you,” and go with my heart instead of my head.
Winner: Punk.

Brian Eison: I love the work CM Punk has been delivering recently and I am ready for Jeff to go on his long rumored vacation. This match will have a lot of pressure to be awesome but I think these guys and the match type can deliver on that.
Winner: CM Punk

Charlie Reneke: Oh boy, another ladder match on pay per view! Didn’t we just have one back in June? I guess with Jeff Hardy leaving they want to get that one last ladder match out of him. I could care less. Some are saying they want this to be Punk’s Cactus Jack/Triple H Street Fight moment. Me? I want to see this match last no longer then ten minutes and feature Punk beat the ever loving shit out of Jeff Hardy. They could give him credibility as a legitimate killer by having him pillmanize every limb Hardy has. Sure, it might take away from what fans want to see in this type of match, but the Smackdown writing team seems to be thinking long term. So no, my ideal ending won’t happen, but I expect to see Hardy do a stretcher job. And thus the build to CM Punk vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26 begins. Remember, I called it first.
Pick: CM Punk (New World Heavyweight Champion)

Mark Allen: WWE has done a good job of swerving us this year what with Edge doing two Elimination Chambers, Punk cashing in at Extreme Rules rather than in Chicago and Hardy winning the belt back last month. That being said I’m sticking with the original plan I’m thinking: Punk wins here, Jeff goes out on “injury” leave and Morrison and Matt Hardy step up as the new face challengers to Punk.
Winner – CM Punk (new Champion)

Roy Reynolds: Depending on if Jeff Hardy has signed a new WWE contract or not, this outcome could go either way. Internet reports have been wrong before, but I don’t think they are this time around. Punk steals the win and becomes champ once again.
Winner: CM Punk

Will Pruett: I hope and pray that this match will go on last. These two have put on an amazing show in the build up to this feud and the blow-off match should be just as great as the feud. I expect to see some awesome spots here, but also quite a bit of story telling. Hardy is leaving, so Punk will regain the title.
Winner: CM Punk

Steven Gepp: This has potential to be a good match. And I really can’t tell who’s going to win, so I’m going to let my Hardy apathy win me over and go…
Winner: (and new champ) Punkadiddle

D-Generation X vs. The Legacy

Widro: Ha!
Winners: DX

Andrew Wheeler: I know there are people who have crafted conspiracy theories that Shawn Michaels is going to turn heel, but I can’t accept that. First, DX is a money-making machine, and based on the pop they got on RAW, Vince can still milk them for a month or two until the fans get sick of them again. Second, Shawn Michaels is always wrestling on borrowed time and I don’t think he wants to potentially end his career has a heel. My guess is that DX is going to flatten two young superstars, which in their mind is giving them the “rub”. Look, we all know that DX gets a hell of a reaction from the crowd and adds value to any PPV, so putting them on the next few shows guarantees a bump in buyrates. Cody and Teddy have fluctuated between glorified job-boys and almost potential threats, but there hasn’t been enough consistency for the fans to decide which they actually are. Teddy’s got his movie coming out on DVD soon, and having him turn on Orton and Cody would set up another midcard feud to kill a segment or two on RAW that right now usually sees Chavo and a midget run around. So DX will make the kids look decent, then finish them off. What’s next for DX? I think Hunter and Shawn have a date with JeriShow for the Unified Tag titles at Breaking Point.
Winner: DX

Raffi Shamir: This is such a waste of HBK after his smoking hot feud with Undertake, their MOTYC at Wrestlemania and his long needed hiatus. HBK is coming back to this? I mean, it was fun seeing the skits two weeks ago where HHH went looking for HBK. It was fun seeing them make their entrance and HBK superkick Santino this week. And it was even more fun to see Legacy finally being a real threat and beat the sh*t out of DX minutes later. Sadly, the fun is over as HBK and HHH will do what they do best – deprive their opponents of legitimacy and kill their push. DX is going to win here and send Legacy back to jobberville. As far as I’m concerned, DX have already overstayed their welcome (And yes, I’ll still think that even if the unimaginable happens this week and they don’t completely bury Legacy).
Winners: DX

Tess Nolde: The match of the PPV if you ask me. If I even allowed myself to think of the possibility of Legacy winning this one, I would probably have to be smoking something funny. The upcoming UK tour is called the DX reunion tour, so essentially WWE would be killing that for the fans if they booked Legacy to win this one. I feel like I could say it a million different ways but I’d still come to the same conclusion. DX to win, and fingers crossed they send Legacy out of SummerSlam in a box ala Spirit Squad.
Winners: D-Generation X

Michael O’Mahony: Because DX gave Rhodes and Dibiase such a great rub last time they met, this match will completely ignore everything that has happened since and follow the exact same formula, with both the fourth wall and Legacy’s push left in tatters by a DX victory and the prospect of around three months worth of Embarrassing Dad posturing by a guy who is definitely standing over his own legacy with his fly unzipped and a guy whose legacy was always entirely political anyways.
Winners: DX

Brian Eison: I know that with every DX reunion they get further away from what made them cutting edge and original when they first formed. However, HHH and HBK are two of my favorites and I still enjoy them getting together to act like idiots every once in awhile. Ideally I’d like this reunion to last for a few months of wackiness before they separate to go into their WrestleMania feuds. With that in mind, what I’d like to see is DX winning here to head into a feud with Jericho & Show for the unified tag-team titles.
Winner: DX

Charlie Reneke: First off, I’m happy to see Shawn Michaels back and showing such Christian values as superkicking little girls (not unlike Jesus Christ did) and telling people to ‘suck it’, with ‘it’ presumably being the love of God almighty. I guess the big news is Shawn showed up this last Monday and told the writers how much they suck for not elevating anyone, while Smackdown has made new stars out of everyone. One would think this would be an indication that he would want to put over Legacy. He might very well want to, but that ain’t happening. If I’m booking, Trips is the face in peril and Shawn plays Sid Justice on the apron, turning heel and not allowing a tag. You know, payback for all of Triple H’s past attacks and attempted murders on him. Again, the WWE has no balls so I don’t expect it, but it would be nice.
Pick: Degeneration X

Mark Allen: I don’t see any option here that doesn’t involve DX winning this one clean as a whistle. These DX returns are getting as bad as Hogan’s returns from a couple years back.
Winner – DX

Roy Reynolds: Something makes me believe that a swerve could be coming along the way, potentially with Michaels or Triple H turning heel. Then again, maybe that’s just what I want to see happen really badly. Come forth another long reunion of D-Generation X.
Winner: D-Generation X

Will Pruett: Barring a turn from either HBK or HHH, DX wins. There is no other way to book this match, and it is another one that the crowd should be pretty excited for. I’m excited to see Shawn Michaels back in the ring and the DX act is always fun. Hopefully Legacy gets some good offense in here, or else I see this match being the beginning of their breakup.
Winner: D-Generation X

Steven Gepp: It’s a shame that the result was telegraphed this past week, although it was really good to see DX made to take the beating for a change. This is the role HHH and Michaels should be having in the company now – helping elevate the new guys. But I think this match is going to be a glorified squash, and the push of Legacy will be killed deader than a dead thing, and Legacy will be blamed for dropping the ball and everything will go to hell. Of course, I could be a jaded watcher of wrestling… So let’s give creative the benefit of the doubt. DX will win, but one member of Legacy will be pissed they didn’t get help from Orton, and Legacy will break up and we’ll see Rhodes v DiBiase at the Rumble with their fathers in their respective corners!
Winner: DX (either way)

Intercontinental Championship:
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Widro: I’ve enjoyed the progression of Dolph into a more serious character and they have added a nice layer with Maria. With Hardy leaving, Rey should move back up the card from IC level anyway.
Winner: Ziggler

Andrew Wheeler: I’ve said for months that Dolph Ziggler is the WWE’s attempt to recreate Randy Savage (minus all the crazy), and the first step to solidifying him in that position is the IC Title. Mysterio doesn’t need the IC strap, so why not give it to someone who can get loads of mileage out of it. Should the WWE decide to abandon faith in Morrison and shuttle him back down the card, then I can think of no better mini-feud than Morrison/Ziggler. Hell, Mysterio can elevate back to the main event if the WWE needs him, just in case both Matt and Morrison are busts. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing Rey work with the Hart Dynasty for a bit and let him and Tyson have some exciting contests. In the end, Dolph needs the IC belt and SummerSlam has always been the traditional show to crown new Intercontinental Champions (see SummerSlam 91 and Bret Hart).
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Raffi Shamir: Last month I predicted a Ziggler victory and said that Rey could move up the card to challenge Punk. Since WWE is going with the same match, I can go with the same picks.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Tess Nolde: This one could go either way, and it would still work. But given that we saw the same match at NoC, I’m going to hope we get a different outcome. I mean, personally I like seeing the belt on Mysterio, but I think at this stage, with the possibility of Jeff Hardy leaving soon, SmackDown need a major name face to hold things together. And with the Intercontinental belt, Mysterio wouldn’t be up in the action around the WHC. So the way I’m seeing it, Ziggler needs to take the belt and get a new challenger and leave Mysterio to head onwards and upwards to the WHC.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Michael O’Mahony: Well played on the Dolph push, but Rey ain’t ready to drop the belt yet. Mysterio to win, but not before showing some other main eventers who shall remain nameless how you really make the other guy look good.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Brian Eison: This should be a pretty decent match but I still don’t really care about their feud. It’s obvious that they want to push Dolph so it is really just a matter of time before he breaks thru and wins the belt.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Charlie Reneke: Ziggler is kinda, sorta getting over, but the fans are fickle with him. With Punk taking back the World Title and the roving tag titles being held by heels, I see no reason to move the IC championship off of Mysterio here. Ziggler isn’t quite ready for prime time yet either, but I could see him getting the belt by the Survivor Series, as long as he can shake some of that lingering green off of him.
Pick: Rey Mysterio (Still IC Champion)

Mark Allen: Now is the time to make a star out of Dolph Ziggler.
Winner – Dolph (new Champion)

Roy Reynolds: Rumors after the last pay-per-view stated that the creative team originally had Ziggler to win the belt, but in a last minute change, Mysterio was chosen to retain. If that’s all well and true, then I don’t see why Dolph Ziggler shouldn’t become the new Intercontinental Champion on Sunday.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Will Pruett: I am excited about this match. Dolph Ziggler is getting a nice push and deserves to be on the top of the mid card. That being said, Rey Mysterio has been the best Intercontinental Champion in years! Along with Chris Jericho, he has elevated that belt higher than anyone since Randy Orton. This will be a fast paced, spot filled spot-fest that will likely end with a new IC Champ.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Steven Gepp: I’m not sold on Ziggler yet, but the Mysterio ‘little guy against bigger opponent’ thing has really run its course this time round, so let’s elevate some-one new!
Winner: Ralphus Ziggler

ECW Championship:
Christian (c) vs. William Regal

Widro: Both guys have looked good lately, and this could be a sleeper hit of the show. Regal aligned with Koslov and Ezekial Jackson on ECW, so that faction could help Regal win the title here.
Winner: Regal

Andrew Wheeler: ECW is the little show that could, and Regal’s new insta-stable of himself, Kozlov and Jackson is an impressive group. I think that Regal as the ECW Champion would be fantastic (and long deserved), I don’t think the WWE wants to hotshot the belt just yet. The WWE is either going to have Christian get jumped so that there isn’t a clean win, or Christian is going to score a pin and then get jumped. The goal for the WWE here is to establish that Christian is horribly out-numbered, which will ultimately lead to a Dreamer hero situation down the line. For now, Regal and his crew have to get over on Christian, but it’s too soon to give them the gold.
Winner: Christian

Raffi Shamir: Regal-Kozlov-Jackson could be a nice power stable, but it’s too soon to have them win the ECW title and for Christian to lose it.
Winner: Christian

Tess Nolde: I love seeing Christian in action, and I doubt this encounter will let me down. I’m putting all my faith in the fact that to be in a PPV, Regal must be in some sort of shape, and hopefully they’ll be able to put on a good show. In terms of who i think might win this one, i have no idea. I would prefer them to leave the belt on Christian, but based on storyline, I can’t see what else Christian can do with the title given the lack of main eventers on ECW. I’d love to see Christian vs. Zack Rider eventually, and have that match for the title. So I’m going to go with my heart over my head in this one, Christian to win.
Winner: Christian

Michael O’Mahony: Regal’s stable hasn’t seen enough build, and ECW hasn’t done enough to show Christian is good enough to do the underdog belt-chasing bit against three guys.
Winner: Christian, despite an insane beatdown during and after the match.

Brian Eison: This could either be a really solid match or fall victim to having half of ECW’s roster involved in the finish. Considering that there are at least 3 heels chasing Christian for the belt it makes more sense for him to keep the title for now.
Winner: Christian

Charlie Reneke: Oy. Anyone who reads my stuff knows that I would sooner get a hand-job from Freddie Kruger then watch a Christian match. Regal is about as over as he ever was in the WWE, IE barely. At least the fans give Christian a decent pop before falling into a coma during his low-hitting, soft-impact zombie matches, and thus he retains.
Pick: Christian (Still ECW Champion)

Mark Allen: I love how the ECW main event scene over the past year and a half is really just the mid-card from 2000. I do love that Regal is back on pay per view once again too. I don’t think anyone other than maybe Chavo Guerrero has had more of an up and down ride when it comes to card placement over the years. That being said I think this has the potential to be a great match, but I don’t see Christian losing so soon. Regal and his new alliance need to get built up first before Regal takes the belt.
Winner – Christian

Roy Reynolds: If it weren’t for the note that things were left on ECW this past Tuesday, then I wouldn’t be choosing Regal. However, Regal seemingly having Kozlov and Ezekiel at his side now doesn’t fare out to well for “Captain Charisma”. Running knee to the temple equals Regal’s first WWE title in years, I say.
Winner: William Regal

Will Pruett: If Regal is accompanied by Kozlov and Jackson, then I believe that the three of them will reign on top of ECW for a while. This will help to produce new faces and possibly make Christian a little bit more exciting. However, if it is just Regal alone, this competitive match will end with Christian retaining. I could go either way on this match, but I am a fan of Captain Charisma, so I’ll go with the champion to retain.
Winner: Christian

Steven Gepp: I’m looking forward to this match! So I was wrong about Finlay being the recipient of the ‘thanks for all your efforts’ title of the WWE. I still think that is the reason for this title existing, so…
Winner: (and new champ) Bill ‘Formerly Steve’ Regal

Unified Tag Team Championship:
Chris Jericho & Big Show (c) vs. Cryme Tyme

Widro: It’s good to see Cryme Tyme stepping up and putting in good performances on the mic and Jericho is obviously awesome. I don’t see a title change here but could be a big test for the boys in CT.
Winners: Jericho/Show

Andrew Wheeler: Cryme Time’s mini-push has been cute, and it’s nice to see that the WWE remembers how to elevate a team. With that said, having the Unified Tag Champions on both shows means that your tag champs have to be a team that has true ratings value. JeriShow is far too valuable to have on RAW, so Cryme Time is a victim of right team, wrong time. I think that JeriShow is destined to lock up with DX, so I guess that means they have to go over here.
Winner: JeriShow

Raffi Shamir: To mu surprise, JeriShow have been working well together as a team. To my even bigger surprise, Cryme Tyme have done a good job holding their end of the feud. But, as others pointed out, it’s just not in the cards, since JeriShow still have a lot of potential and perhaps a feud with DX.
Winners: JeriShow

Tess Nolde: The buildup on this has been impressive. Both teams have been brought up as being independently quite strong and totally ready to go into this battle. I would love to see Cryme Tyme go home with this one, but I’m not quite seeing how that will happen. It should be a strong match, with some good wrestling, but it doesn’t feel like time for Jericho & Big Show to give up the titles just yet. Plus Jericho & Big Show are working well being able to appear on all the WWE TV, and I really can’t see how they would use Cryme Tyme over the other programs. (As much as I want to see them win) So I’m going to go with what feels right in this one and put my money on Jericho & Big Show.
Winners: Chris Jericho & Big Show

Michael O’Mahony: Again, kudos to creative for the build here. Shad and JTG have gone from nobodies to contenders in a very short space of time and in pretty believable fashion. Nonetheless, I expect DX and Show/Jericho to entertain the masses until such time as Michaels and Hunter decide they want to be serious again and Edge returns from injury.
Winner: Show and Jericho.

Brian Eison: I admit that I thought it was a lame idea when Jericho picked the Big Show as his partner. Their work sense forming this team has completely changed my mind and has me wanting not only more of them together but also looking forward to their inevitable break-up and subsequent feud. Nothing against Cryme Tyme but hopefully Jericho & Show have a bigger DX sized feud on the horizon.
Winner: Chris Jericho & the Big Show

Charlie Reneke: First off, I want everyone to know that I pitched the name “Jeritall” for the Jericho/Big Show team and was shunned for it. SHUNNED I SAY! I think it’s more witty. They pointed out that the product is called “Geritol.” Sigh, nobody can use their imaginations. Anyway, Cryme Tyme is getting pretty decently over, while the Big Show/Jericho team is stuck in this weird sort of limbo. I actually think being the tag champions would take away the cool factor that Cryme Tyme has going for them right now. I actually expect them to win the match but not the belts so the Smackdown writers can continue to tweak their personalities and maybe make long-term stars out of them.
Pick: Cryme Tyme via DQ (Jeritall Jerishow still Tag Team Champions)

Mark Allen: JeriShow have done a great job of building up Cryme Tyme as legitimate threats but I don’t think the time is right to take the belts off the Champs quite yet.
Winner – Jericho & Show

Roy Reynolds: Big Show is on Raw and Chris Jericho is on SmackDown. Not to mention, they both have massive egos. How much longer can these two guys be tag champs? On the other hand, Cryme Tyme has finally been built up and utilized to their full potential and are actually functioning as a decent tag team. If WWE doesn’t have Shad and JTG win the straps now, then they never will and should probably be released now.
Winner: Cryme Tyme

Will Pruett: Cryme Tyme actually looks like a legitimate threat to the JeriShow combination. This match will be very exciting and I look forward to seeing Cryme Tyme get the crowd involved. This is the biggest match in the career of JTG and Shad. Hopefully these four men are given enough time to set up a solid tag team story. This is a difficult one to call, since I love JeriShow, but Cryme Tyme has worked hard for this. I’ll go with a JeriShow win, with Cryme Tyme getting the belts in the near future.
Winner: Chris Jericho and The Big Show

Steven Gepp: As much as I’d like to have Cryme Tyme win here so they can feud for the belts with the Hart Dynasty and have Jericho back in the title hunt where he belongs… I don’t think so. But the seeds of dissension between Show and Jericho will be sown here, ready for a Show face turn.
Winner: (and still champs): Paul & Chris (and this means all the champs are now heels!!)

The Great Khali vs. Kane

Widro: One of the worst matches in Wrestlemania RETURNS but this time with Kane as heel and Khali as face. Should be horrible.
Winner: Khali

Andrew Wheeler: Nope, I have no idea what the point of this is either. Khlai is over as a comedy act for some reason, but Kane as a monster heel is worth more to the WWE than a joke Khali. On the other hand, with Ziggler and Punk as the potential next champions, having a strong Khali makes him a potential contender for either strap. Kane’s return has consisted of a lot of him running away, so it would seem logical that he would win here. Further, it would make sense to set up Singh for a heel turn. Unfortunately you can’t use logic in a Khali match, which means Kane will lose and Singh will stay aligned with his brother (because without him, Khali can’t talk). Either Khali is gonna win or this is going to end in some sort of DQ shmozz.
Winner: Great Khali

Raffi Shamir: I bet WWE thought that by booking a Wrestlemania rematch on SummerSlam, they will give the show a Wrestlemania feel. But why the hell did they have to pick this match?!? I, on the other hand, can’t believe that these two guys are on PPV and John Morrison is not.
Winner: Khali, whatever.

Tess Nolde: Another giant vs. giant match. Not really a highlight match for anyone i would assume. Hopefully it’ll be a short one, and Kane will come out the other side victorious. If I had to pick the stronger giant, it would be Kane, so I’m taking the easy way out on this one and going with what i want to see rather than trying to pick this one apart in any way.
Winner: Kane.

Michael O’Mahony: I don’t care. At all.
Winner: Kane.

Brian Eison: The build for this has been horrible. My only hope for this match is that it ends this crappy feud forever.
Winner: Khali

Charlie Reneke: This is God’s punishment for Shawn Michaels not praying hard enough or something. Look, I’m actually a closet Khali fan and think that he, like all giants, are better served as babyfaces who show up on occasion to do tag matches with the big stars. Any attempt to make him a legitimate singles threat is stupid. Andre the Giant got over not because of his feud with Hulk Hogan but because of all the good will he built up before then. That’s the direction they should take Khali. I know this is supposed to be where he gets his win back, but I don’t see it.
Pick: Kane

Mark Allen: Their first feud didn’t set the world on fire, but I guess if they are contained in the same segment it helps.
Winner – Khali

Roy Reynolds: Khali doesn’t need this victory, while a win for Kane could possibly shoot him back into the Intercontinental or World Heavyweight Championship hunt. Hopefully, after Kane demolishes the “Punjabi Playboy”, he’ll be parting ways with the WWE.
Winner: Kane

Will Pruett: The build to this match has been alright, and has featured Kane in his element. However, it is not that exciting of a match to have on Pay Per View. Hopefully this is quick and painless. Kane has been strong in recent weeks and hopefully his push will continue. I’ll go with a Kane win.
Winner: Kane

Steven Gepp: And into every card some crap must fall. Let’s see… Goldust comes out dressed in his wig and eveything, Khali thinks it’s a girl for kiss-cam, but it’s a set-up and Kane comes out and we have your worst match of the year winner!!
Winner: Who cares?

Jack Swagger vs. MVP

Widro: I’m a huge fan of both guys but this feud is meaningless. Hopefully they’ll get some time and put together a great match to help their cause.
Winner: Swagger

Andrew Wheeler: I wanted to see this match at SummerSlam, so needless to say I’m thrilled to see it on the card. I think that both of these guys have some true talent, and it is clear that Swagger has “the goods”. Since I have Jack moving up the roster to potentially be a main event threat, I have to assume that he’s gong to go over here. On the other hand, there are a lot of heels going over on this show, so maybe picking MVP would be the smartest idea. Meh, I’ve won so many Roundtable championships, I can afford to go out on a limb.
Winner: Jack Swagger

Raffi Shamir: I’m not going to complain about having this match on SummerSlam, these two guys have earned it. That being said, it’s obvious that Swagger is a rising star while MVP has been in a holding pattern for months now, so Swagger will get it done.
Winner: Jack Swagger

Tess Nolde: I really think it is brilliant that we’re getting to see this match at a PPV. I’d rather be seeing it with them battling for a title, but on its own it still should be worth the effort. Fingers crossed it lasts longer than what we’ve recently witnessed on Raw. I really like Swagger to win this one, and then for Swagger to go on and challenge for a belt. My hopes are pinned on Swagger getting a push, and a win on a PPV would probably achieve just that.
Winner: Jack Swagger.

Michael O’Mahony: If there is any justice in this world, this will be a three minute squash for Swagger, and the overrated, way overhyped MVP will be traded to ECW in exchange for Christian or Shelton. Sadly, that probably won’t be the case, but I fully expect Swagger to go over here and continue his march towards eventual glory.
Winner: Swagger

Brian Eison: This could be a solid match but I bet it will be given the least amount of time on the card. MVP seems to be out of the doghouse now, but Swagger still seems to be getting pushed harder.
Winner: Jack Swagger

Charlie Reneke: I’m still not impressed by MVP’s talent, abilities, alleged ‘mic skills’, etc etc. I think the only reason that some smarks have taken to him is the same reason they took the equally talentless Mr. Kennedy, because ANYONE new getting anything resembling a push gets over. I believe that any heat MVP had with the bookers or Johnny Ace was likely justified, something that most smart marks would never consider. It’s always a conspiracy to hold down the newbies. Swagger, on the other hand, seems to more suited for being a big star in wrestling and has, in his short amount of time in the WWE, has proven he has more talent in his little toe then MVP has talent, period. If I’m booking, this lasts two minutes and features Swagger destroy MVP, who is then released from the company before the DX/Legacy match even starts.
Pick: Jack Swagger

Mark Allen: These two need to have a show stealing, star making performance here. I personally love mid-card feuds and think this has the potential to be a great run for both men. As for a winner, I’d say either would benefit from a win, but I think they would both benefit from a longer feud that would go long into the fall.
Winner – MVP

Roy Reynolds: I’m shocked that this match made pay-per-view, but if both guys are given enough time, this could certainly be good. I’ll go with Swagger for the win, but realistically, seeing MVP walk away with the victory wouldn’t shock me too much, either. We’ll see what happens on Sunday.
Winner: Jack Swagger

Will Pruett: Was this match added to the show just so there would be an opening match without a title on the line. The Raw brand has lacked in undercard depth for a while now. Hopefully these two men can show what they can do in a solid eight minute opening match. The crowd will buy into it if they are exciting in the ring. This is a tough match to call, but I’ll go with MVP winning the match as vengeance for Jack Swagger bringing up his spotty past.
Winner: MVP

Steven Gepp: Another match I’m looking forward to. This could be their coming-out party (a la Rock/HHH years earlier)… or it could be a mess. I’m hoping for the former. And the result is a tough one, so I’ll toss a coin.
Winner: (heads) Jack Swagger

Pulse Wrestling will have full live coverage of SummerSlam as it happens, so come back and join us for the PPV on Sunday night.

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