Hamada Doesn’t Care For Yoshi

When asked whether she’d ever consider working for WWE, TNA Knockout Hamada said no, at least as long as a current ECW rookie is on the roster:

I can’t work for WWE. I wouldn’t normally object to it, but as long as Naofumi (Yoshi Tatsu) is there, I can’t.

And why is that? According to Hamada, he’s not big on respecting ladies’ personal space or taking no for an answer:

We met up a few times in Japan and it was terrible. The man is a
sleaze and is constantly trying to get a feel of any woman he comes
across. When I was eating lunch one time, he sat on my lap and started
running his fingers through my hair. When I told him to get off, he did.
But he only sat next to me and started doing it again. He asked me for
my number, but I wouldn’t give it to him and walked away. He followed me
and kept asking for it and even stood in front of the garbage can where
I was to throw out my lunch. He literally grabbed my lunch from my hands
and threw it out. I walked away, but he followed me again and kept
tapping me on my shoulder. I wanted to hit him, but I’m not the physical
type so I just kept on telling him off. He rubbed my hair again before
walking away. On his way out, he blew me a kiss. I saw him a few more
times after that, and the same things would happen. I can’t be around
that man and I hope those women in WWE stay as far away from him as
possible. He’s trouble.

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