Ugly Betty 4-3 Review

Had to chuckle: after complaining last week that I was getting down at the end of a long NYC week over so much Betty frustration, as if she were haunted by the furies from hell every time she gets a break, not to mention the oh-so helpful efforts of Mark, Matt and Wilhelmina to scuttle her at every turn, this was an very different week.

Betty has a great idea to show the 10 worst jobs in NYC, Matt likes it and Marc suggests she be photographed doing them, which makes for some wonderful sight gags. However, Willie is
still nervous about her daughter, the boyfriend killer, and we see a detectives flashlight shining in the bloody print, Willie and Niko missed in their cleaning of the crime scene, so we know Willie has reason to worry. What’s more, W. hears Claire is wining and dining the equally talented Creative Editor of French Vogue, and decides to kill them with kindness in a team player bit that is Vanessa at her bitchy, insincere best- love her!

When Betty asks for an assistant on her story, Willie gives her Mark, so he cannot pry into Niko’s affairs, as she now has Niko on a short leash. Amanda makes a blatant pass at Matt and Daniel’s new assistant is a tall, beautiful, lazy, nasty, entitled bad model type- typical Daniel. He takes off or a new woo-woo grief class with bad attitude…

Betty and Mark are at odds-she says she has tried being nice to him, but is now done with him and they are hilarious as an Indian Hot Dog and Bun act, until Mark runs into his idol from Vogue and Betty saves the day for Marc by pretending he is the editor and she theass’t . Marc is ashamed by her kindness and that he has tossed her clothes in the garbage and she has to go back to MODE in her hot dog costume, furious with him again, and ashamed.

Ignacio is learning the computer and Hilda is furious because she never sees Archie who is campaigning, so she decides to send him a sexy Halloween photo over theinternet , but inadvertently sends it to everyone of Archie’s voters!…including her father. Arch is really angry and Hilda acts like she is the victim. The photo backfires- Archie says Hilda’s privacy has been invaded and that the voters should know he has a sexy girl-friend, and his poll numbers go up.

Mode Meeting led by WILLIE the cranky: Betty’s 10 worst jobs story does not move W., until Mark comes in to do the hot dog dance with her and show the pics of Betty and suggest a supermodel doing the jobs. Daniel has learned from the course about which he was so cynical to try honesty and tells sexy Lexi she is all wrong to be his ass’t and should be a model, and she does Betty’s piece. It ends well.