One Tree Hill – Episode 7-8 Review

Hmm..I was definitely expecting more out of this laid-back comedic episode. While it did have it’s moments, I don’t think it was the best written episode. I did like some scenes though and we do get a little Dan backstory….so read on!

Dan wakes up from a dream that he was in a run-down Mexican hospital getting a heart transplant. He is having hallucinations and has a heart attack (ish?) on his show. The audience freaks as he drops to the ground while Rachel smiles about the good ratings it will bring in. Apparently, the heart Dan got was bought by Rachel from a boy’s family. The family got money to pull the plug. Dan feels bad. I guess that new heart is working. Not only was the dream real that he bought a heart off a boy and get it done in Mexico, but he hasn’t revealed that he got a transplant to his audience or anyone. He is ready to tell the world, but Rachel won’t have it.

Julian argues about going camping with the guys and Nathan is telling Haley he doesn’t know much about Julian. I find this hard to believe since at this point he has been in Tree Hill for well over a year (probably 2). And with Haley and Brooke as close as they are (especially with Peyton gone), it surprises me that Julian and Nathan haven’t hung out more. But, I guess it makes sense. Julian who prefers to write over playing sports. They don’t have much in common. Skillz, Mouth, Chuck and Jamie come along.

Clay opts out of the trip to spend time with his ghost of a wife Sarah. She doesn’t like seeing him alone and tells him to stop pushing Quinn away. She makes a good point that being miserable isn’t going to change anything for him.

Julian shows up overly prepared and throwing out movie references left and right. Julian has trouble with his tent and Nathan jut laughs at him. Skillz is giving out merit badges to Jamie and Chuck as they perform different tasks like the “go get me a beer badge.” Jamie has a fear of heights while they do a zip line. He doesn’t want to let his dad down and Julian notices that so Julian swoops in and says he’s not doing it so the little boy feels better. Aw. Nathan is still clueless. The funniest scene of the night, hands down, was when Skillz lets it slip to Julian that Brooke and Nathan made a sex tape in high school! The writer definitely gets points for the throwback! In fact, props to all the throwbacks and the boys’ dialogue. Now if only the girls were given some funnier stuff…

The girls are staying in. Quinn makes Taylor’s brownie recipe. Poor oblivious Haley doesn’t realize they are “special” brownies and the girls get high, watch some scary movies and call over a psychic. I think the whole “high” dialogue was a little over-the-top. Not as funny as I think they could have written it. The psychic tells Quinn that a man is in pain and needs her right now. After realizing it’s not David, she goes to Clay’s house as the rain pours down.

I am hoping this is the big Clay/Quinn moment, but it isn’t. Sarah tells Clay to let Quinn in, but he tells blows her off in a really mean way. I was sad. But wait! A soaking wet Clay comes out in front of her car to stop her. Love those classic OTH rain scenes! He breaks down and reveals all his secrets about Sarah. They spend the whole night talking on the beach. I loved this. Big payoff. Although it sucks that Leyton isn’t around, I am glad that these two are meshing well. Nothing worse than pushing two people together who have zero chemistry.

Nathan thanks Mouth for sticking up for him and basically costing him his job. Mouth thinks about changing his career towards online rather than broadcast because that’s where the world is moving. Agreed there! And Nathan tells Julian that even though they are different, he does have good instincts with Jamie and being a father (foreshadowing perhaps…).

Yes, that’s right. Next week’s previews show Brooke worrying about being pregnant!!! This would be a HUGE story arc for the season, but I’m afraid that this won’t be the big news. They would never reveal that in a preview. I have a fear something bad is going to happen…We’ll see!

Sharon Tharp is a freelance writer who has contributed to a variety of publications including Hamptons magazine and the Web sites of both Marie Claire and CosmoGIRL!.

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