Project Runway 6-12 Review
by Mary Duffy on November 7, 2009


Tim introduces the mayor of LA to the FIVE remaining- clearly fashion means a lot to LA. The designers are to use the Getty Center for inspiration for a 2 DAY challenge. They tour the building with the models and sketch from the visual that gets to them most- paintings, gardens, architecture, furnishings… one is overwhelmed with beauty.
They are wild at MOOD- or frantic. And then, in the design room, the talent and claws appear- this is it, the last challenge until Bryant Park. Intimidating, gratifying, huge- these are some of the words they use to describe being this close to BP. Chris cannot snipe at himself, all alone in the men’s quarters, but the four women are too much, Irina being the top nemesis.
Chris is doing grey rock and green algae; CH is doing the ornate bed; Irina is doing sheer, but Tim says it looks like road kill; Althea gets a Wow from Tim for her architectural puckering, but not a good Wow; and Gordana weeps at the spirituality of her Monet-like angelic work. At fitting time, I would call it five messes!
Once again, as morning comes, the looks come together and who knows what we will see- Gordana is so happy with hers, one has to root for this lady. It looks so odd to see only five sitting in the designer’s chairs. Judges are Cynthia Rowley, Nina Garcia and Cindy Crawford. All look acceptable, but I especially like Carol Hannah and Gordana- Irina’s looks most professional. They do not like Althea’s ‘bit of a mess fest’ , where she put all her effort into the skirt. Irina, for once, does not wow them- they find the length dowdy and the accessories heavy and distracting. Gordana’s morning light dress is lovely and Carol Hannah’s 1775 bed is off inspiration and safe; Chris cries over the beauty of a rock and algae and the judges like some of his ideas.
Carol Hannah, Althea and Irina (ABOVE) are going to Fashion Week; Gordana and Christopher (BELOW) are out. In my opinion, this is one of the weakest threesomes so far. We shall see.



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