Ugly Betty 4-5 Review

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If you have not heard the bad news, word on the street is that Ugly Betty is being cancelled, along with Law and Order, my other favorite show, so, I have taken to my sickbed with a flu to think it over, and here is what I think: WE should all email ABC at

and go to the

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Link at the bottom of the page, and start a ‘Don’t take off Ugly Betty’ campaign- it has worked for other shows.

Ok, show opens with Justin doing better in HS as he has made friends with the mean girls- cheerleaders, etc. and is re-doing everyone’s costumes. Betty has decided to start dating again and runs into a bad boy old beau of Hilda’s. Daniel is more woo-woo, wearing a necklace, and eating raw food. Matt is a tad demeaning to Betty in handing out assignment. Betty goes to the bad boy, wanting to rip his clothes off, she signs up for driver’s lessons with him. Willie agrees to do a cover of Hot Flash, as the film moves to Betty learning to drive a stick shift so she can let Mr. BAD Boy, who seems very nice, know she is available. Hilda sets Betty up on an awful date, and Betty pretends to go to bed early and sneaks out, but Hilda hears her and forces her to agree to go out with the nerd again- for Homecoming at Justin’s school.

Natalie is in cahoots with the head guru of the grief center and it is painful to watch Daniel follow like a puppy. For someone so sophisticated, he is really naïve, at times. Willie is thinking of leaving Mode to find Connor to pay off her blackmailer. Niko, the little bitch, of course, encourages this idea to get HER money. Amanda, of all people, tells Daniel his classes are CRAP, and he resents it… at first. Later, Daniel thinks about it and is ready to leave before he goes to the elusive ‘Level Five”- whatever that is, some place where Daniel can feel and touch Molly again- even D. questions that but the head guru sells a good story.

Willie resigns in front of full media to get the message to Connor, as he has said when she was ready, he would know and find her and she needs him and his money. Betty kisses Bobby- goodbye, but he is a nice guy and tells her never to let anyone put her in a box. As a cruel joke, Justin is named home-coming Queen, and turns it to pure charm by giving the crown and all to his mother, with great dignity- Mark, who has really befriended Justin has taught him that. Betty decides to write about her sister, Hilda, as the bravest person she knows for the bravery issue.

Wilhelmina hears that Connor Owens has been found dead in Panama, and for the first time in UB history, breaks down in tears of real pain for the Love of Her Life.