John Malkovich Jumping Into Comic Book Roles
by Danny Cox on January 11, 2010

Sometimes when you’re good, you’re good. You know you’ve really come a long way too when all of a sudden you’re appearing in comic book films one after another.

Legendary actor John Malkovich hasn’t starred in a film since 2008 but Jonah Hex will be out this year and Secretariat is currently filming. Still, his acting talent is known worldwide and he has recently landed one more role and has somewhat confirmed another role as well. Oddly enough, both of these roles are in comic book films too.

First of all, Malkovich will be stepping into the comic book world of the film Red starring Bruce Willis. He will be replacing John C. Reilly in the film version of Warren Ellis’ graphic novel. Malkovich’s character is that of a paranoid man who thinks everyone is out to kill him so he joins forces with Willis’ character in search of their killers.

Red tells the tale of a retired black ops agent (Willis) that is now on the run thanks to younger assassins trying to take him out. The film stars a host of other big named talent such as Morgan Freeman, Brian Cox, Helen Mirren, Richard Dreyfuss, and many more.

It’s due in theaters on October 22.

The second film is one that recently found it self in a rash of delays due to major script problems and could be on the shelf for a quite a while. Spider-Man 4 is dealing with just trying to get everything straight so that filming may begin for a possible release in the summer of 2011, but that hasn’t stopped casting from going on.

Malkovich was recently rumored to be stepping into the role of The Vulture who would be the (or a) villain in the film as the nemesis our neighborhood web-slinger. Malkovich would not deny that he is donning the green wings of the evil Vulture, but he also wouldn’t totally confirm it. He simply stated that he was waiting for a script to get to him which is a good sign that our rumors may be true.

Now if only Sam Raimi can get just the script he’s looking for. I’d rather a delay and a better film rather then getting it put out right away with a crappy script so kudos to the director.

Credit: Collider; Examiner

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