Project Runway 7-2 Review
by Mary Duffy on January 29, 2010

The models, Who Chose the Designer with Whom to Work are in burlap sacks, which have to be made into chic, sophisticated looks. Some models chose other designers than the one who chose them- poor Mila is last left, so I am rooting for her. Anthony and Alexis look like they are going to clash. The designers all seem to have clever ideas, but we, the know-it-all public know that, within the construction, drape, finishing and the delivery, lurk all the pitfalls.

Tim has much more than the usual criticism for the designers- some have taken on too much, some are doing the wrong thing, trying to make the models happy, and one designer has forgotten the potato sack. The model who dumped Mila, Alexis, is giving Anthony a hard time and Mila and her new model are quite cohesive. The designers seem to be a tad ‘cooler’ than on the first challenge. Although beautifully constructed, Ping’s is weird- maybe I just do not get her aesthetic- there are some phenomenal dye jobs on the fabric – blue, red, raspberry- really amazing talent, and most of the models are sewn into the garments- no one sneeze!

Ping’s is a disaster- the model’s buttocks are showing. Ben and Anthony did red dresses. Seth, JaneAne, and Emilio are really creative. Pamela is dull, Maya is over-done. The six at the top and bottom are Jay with his fabulous black, Pamela with her boring blue strapless, Mila with her crowd-pleasing futuristic taupe, Ping is edgy, they say, while Jesus does not have enough burlap and Amy makes burlap into a real fabric which actually drapes. The judges, including Lauren Hutton, love Mila, Jay and Amy. Ping and Jesus are in trouble as is Pamela. Frankly my dear, I do not think anyone of them will last long. After eleven ads, the winner is Jay, Mila is second. The judges have decided to keep Ping and the loser of so many choices is Pamela, which makes Jesus second from the bottom for two consecutive weeks.

Jay's Winning Feather Look

Ping reveals too much

Pamela's Losing Blah Blue

Anthony's curvy dye job


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