This Week in the Forums: Fun with the Avengers
by Ryan Connor on May 11, 2010

You know it kind of figures once you get a good idea it tends to fizzle out just a little.  I only have a couple of things to cover this week and one of them is the Avengers tournament from last week.  Well the 1st round is over and the winners have been decided.  All the brackets really came down to the wire.  It was really close on all fronts with my team being the last one being declared the winner.  You can see how the voting went down here…

Like I said they all came down to the final votes.  There were no blow outs and like the X-men one we did awhile ago it was lots of fun.  The round 2 voting has started and in this round we vote on team conceots and fighting styles.  All the participants took alot of time to figure out the how’s and why’s of their team.  Some funny some very serious.  Check out the voting for these here…

So other than that some of us started to get into what I would like to call Deadpool overload.  I get the part where when we as fans had no Deapool but now it just seems they are flooding the market and I see a backlash coming soon.  You can see some of the discussion here…

Scroll down a bit where we start talking about it.  Lastly another great forum member Sandmatt came up with this idea for discussion.  Sadly it hasn’t really caught on but I think there is some gold in this discussion and hope that maybe more people will jump on.  The premise is why is it that so many established heroes have Daddy issues.

I never really stopped to think how many heroes really do have some father issues but the list that Sandmatt started with barely even scratched the surface.  So there you have it.  Another week done.  I hope to see some new faces over in the forums.

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