Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE Over The Limit 2010

Is Batista leaving town? Will Big Show get rewarded with the title? Will Dre McIntyre ever get over? Will Punk lose his hair? Here are the Pulse team’s thoughts on WWE latest PPV offering, Over The Limit.

WWE Championship – “I Quit” Match:
John Cena (C) vs. Batista

Steven Gepp: As much as I think these two bring out the best in each other, I’m over the feud. This has to be the end for a while. And the fly in the ointment is Randy Orton. Does he go after Cena, face v face feud, maybe turning Cena heel (about bloody time)? Or does he do the traditional go after the heel, Batista? Or am I over-analysing a damn wrestling match? I’m going to ignore the “Batista wants out because HHH stole his movie” rumours.
Winner: (and new champ-een) Batista!

Raffi Shamir: I actually didn’t factor in the rumours about Batista’s possible departure because it wouldn’t surprise me to see WWE give him the title just to swerve the IWC. But all doubts about Cena’s victory went out the window once the match became an “I Quit” match and Cena announced he would not ask for a rematch if he were to lose the match. Either one of these factors would have been enough to telegraph the outcome on its own, and put together it’s even clearer. The match itself will probably be very good, like all Cena-Batista matches. The question is what’s next for Cena and I’m wondering if it’s not time for Miz to have another go. Or for John Morrison to turn heel and go after the champ?
Winner: John Cena

Matthew Michaels: Cena will win this, just because I’m all caught up in the rumors that Batista wants out. The big question is who will challenge Cena next?
Winner – Cena

Andrew Wheeler: As much as I want to go into expert analysis on this one, it’s pretty simple: John Cena can’t say “I quit” or his character is finished. On the other hand, Batista’s cocky heel can say “I quit”. The only way Cena would say I quit would be through the Mick Foley recorded “I quit” gimmick or if Batista threatened Cena’s family like in a bad action movie (you know, the kind that Cena’s been in and Dave…uh…hasn’t). So whether Batista does in fact leave or decides to stay, he isn’t going to win the title. Not with Edge and Orton and Sheamus floating around. Maybe Sheamus interferes here and he and Batista team up to break Cena’s ankle or something, but with Dave pretty much a lock to leave for the short-term, John’s gonna leave with the belt.
Winner: John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship:
Jack Swagger (C) vs. Big Show

Steven Gepp: I think this could surprise some people and be at least an enjoyable match. This would be the win to give Swagger the push he needs to be seen as a legit champ. Or it could be a way of getting the title onto Big Show as a “thank you” for doing every stupid thing they asked of him (even if he was damn entertaining as half of the tag team champs, both times). But last month I talked about pissing on Flair because of his jump to TNA. Well, Undertaker could do it, beat the 16 world titles. And he hasn’t had a real chance to squash Swagger like a bug yet.
Winner: (and still champ) Jack Swagger

Raffi Shamir: Jack Swagger’s title reign started off really bad, and reminded me of Punk’s first reign or Mysterio’s. But as weeks went by and he beat Randy Orton last month, Swagger is building legitimacy as a champion and I believe that the audience is starting to see him differently. Big Show is entertaining and can always be counted on for a main event match or a title feud, not to mention that WWE owes him big time for the work he has done over the past year with Chris Jericho and The Miz. Still, it would be wrong to give him the title here because they need to build up Swagger. The match will probably be good, even if not great.
Winner: Jack Swagger

Matthew Michaels: I’m loving Big Show’s comedy routine, but I think we need a strong heel champion, and Swagger’s just coming into his own. Keep the belt on the All American American.
Winner – Swagger

Andrew Wheeler: This thing is just starting, and Kurt Swangle has a pretty bright future on Friday Nights. Since Big Show needs to look like a major star on Smackdown, he’s either going to lose by DQ or win by DQ, but he ain’t getting the pin on Swangle. Win, lose, or draw, Swangle is leaving this show with the strap. Get ready to see this match again next month.
Still Champion: Kurt Swangle

Intercontinental Championship:
Drew McIntyre (C) vs. Kofi Kingston

Steven Gepp: Hmm, do we go for “hamstrung by WWE creative to fit with his character” or “do flippy things and botch half but look cool”? If only they let McIntyre wrestle like he is capable, this could be a good match. But they won’t, it won’t, who cares?
Winner: (and still champ) Drew McIntyre

Raffi Shamir: McIntyre is just annoying enough to be interesting, but WWE is on the verge of going too far with the whole McMahon support for him. If they continue with it for too long he will start getting X-Pac heat rather than heel heat. Kofi Kingston is just there as opposition, but he will not be the one to dethrone McIntyre.
Winner: Drew McIntyre

Matthew Michaels: Not sure what it will take to get Drew over. His entrance music is my favorite, second only to Tatsu’s, and he has a decent look. But on the mic, he’s like a European Randy Orton circa a few years ago. Not good. He needs to be more… dastardly, and stop having stuff handed to him by management. He should win and go over strong… but not this time. Kofi should get the belt, and Drew should SNAP afterwards.
Winner – Kofi Kingston

Andrew Wheeler: So Kofi got screwed out of the title and he wants it back, but Drew still isn’t completely over with the fans. I would normally give the win to Drew, but I bet Matt Hardy will show up and cost Drew the belt, allowing Kofi to go feud with Ziggler and Christian and MVP for the next several months.
Winner: Kofi Kingston

S.E.S. Pledge vs. Hair Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

Steven Gepp: I can see shades of LWO in this, and because it worked so well last time…
Winner: (and still hairy) CM Punk

Raffi Shamir: I’ll remind Steven that I called the NWO thing back in the Wrestlemania roundtable and was wrong back then. On one hand it would be the perfect booking and turn this already exciting feud into the next level. On the other hand, when have we last seen a midcard feud go beyond three matches? The X factor here is Punk’s hooded helper and whether he will be successful this time too.
Winner: (Oh, what the hell) CM Punk

Matthew Michaels: I’m guessing the hair has to go. Unless that anonymous SES guy shows up. But where’s he been?
Winner – Mysterio

Andrew Wheeler: I still don’t think that Punk is going to shave his head, but they’re doing the gimmick match again, so maybe he’ll go bald. On the other hand, Rey doesn’t need the rub since he very well might be gone in the next year as well, so having him join the SES would be a unique twist. Maybe Joey Mercury will cost Rey the match, and set up a little mini-feud within the SES. Or maybe they’ll just let Rey win and move on with their lives. Since I still don’t think they are going to shave Punk’s head, I think he eeks out another win.
Winner: CM Punk

Randy Orton vs. Edge

Steven Gepp: I think it’s pretty clear Edge came back too soon. And this feud won’t help. They work at different paces, and I think the clash of styles will drag it down unfortunately. I like pseudo-face Orton, so…
Winner: Randy Orton

Raffi Shamir: Edge needs to gain his momentum back and if he has to go through Randy Orton, so be it. Orton is over as hell and a loss here will not hurt him.
Winner: Edge

Matthew Michaels: Edge is the new guy on the show, and once Batista is gone, we need a top heel. Cena vs. Edge is a money feud, but might be too repetitive for some fans. I see that as the way for them to go, unfortunately.
Winner – Edge

Andrew Wheeler: Both guys need the rub, and with this feud still in its infancy, I don’t think we’re going to get a clean pin. Since the next PPV is going to feature Orton, Edge, Cena and Sheamus in a four-way, neither man here NEEDS the win. Edge wants to establish himself as the top heel on RAW, so beating Orton would do that. Also, having Randy lose (even though underhanded means) would allow him to continue to be all batshit insane but still be a fan.
Winner: Edge

Unified Tag Team Championship:
The Hart Dynasty (C) vs. Chris Jericho & The Miz

Steven Gepp: This is a tough one. Do they give the rub to the youngsters and build up to a feud between Jericho and the Miz? Or do they have Team Arrogance win it, only to lose it later? Hmmm… Expect Uncle Bret, Bryan Daniel Bryanson (or whatever he’s calling himself this week) and Cousin Itt to all interfere… and maybe even Big Show as a final slap in the face to Mizicho. No matter what, this should be a great match.
Winner: (and still champs) Hart Dynasty

Raffi Shamir: There is absolutely no way to predict this match. Each team should win here. On one hand, the Hart Dynasty just won the titles and they need to stay as champs for as long as possible. Not to mention that finally we have an excellent real tag team as champions. On the other hand, what could be better than Jericho and Miz carrying around the tag titles? I dare anyone to come up with a better option than these two. On the third hand, seeing Miz without any gold makes me think that perhaps he is ready for another feud with Cena, this time as a real threat to the champ. On the fourth hand, what role, if at all, would Bryan Danielson or Big Show play in that match? What to do, what to do? I think that everything will depend on JeriMiz’s entrance – if they have a new, joint theme music, they win. But I have to make my prediction now, so…
Winners: The Hart Dynasty

Matthew Michaels: Harts should win here. Maybe with help from Danielson?
Winner – Harts

Andrew Wheeler: Jericho and Miz as the tag champs has a lot of value by allowing them to be on both brands, but do you think that Bret is going to let the Dynasty be one-month champs? Nah. They’ll be TWO month champs. The Harts will win here somehow, allowing Jericho and Miz to get a rematch next month. Then they’ll win.
Winner: The Hart Dynasty

WWE Divas Championship:
Eve (C) vs. Maryse

Steven Gepp: Oh God, shoot me now.
Winner: Eve?

Raffi Shamir: One title has to change hands here.
Winner: Maryse

Matthew Michaels: I really don’t care; but something tells me Eve’s championship run is over.
Winner – Maryse

Andrew Wheeler: Eve isn’t so good as a wrestler, so this thing should be kept short. Maryse can still chase for another month, since there isn’t anyone really to challenge Eve. This one is a bit of a wash.
Winner: Eve

R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase

Steven Gepp: I have hopes this will be a fun little match. And I expect a new Virgil or new DiBiase youngsters crew or something similar to give the rich kid the duke.
Winner: Ted Jr

Raffi Shamir: Dear God, R-Truth is on PPV and John Morrison is not? At least Morrison will not be the one doing the job here. Ted Jr. is going up, Truth is just a stepping stone.
Winner: Ted DiBiase

Matthew Michaels: Um.
Winner – DiBiase

Andrew Wheeler: I’m glad that we’re getting a midcard feud that might elevate two guys, I’m just not overly excited to see these two wrestlers compete. Teddy has the new gimmick and the new push while R-Truth can still lose and stay over. Now that Carl Ito is gone, Teddy may need to bring in some more of the FCW Fortunate Sons, setting up Teddy and whoever versus Truth and Morrison. Midcard madness!
Winner: Ted DiBiase

That’s it from us. Come back to Pulse Wrestling on Sunday night for live, up to the minute coverage of WWE Over The Limit 2010.

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