Undertaker Injured, WWE Fatal 4 Way Main Event In Jeopardy
by Iain Burnside on May 31, 2010

The Undertaker (Mark Calaway, 45) suffered a broken orbital bone, a broken nose and a concussion in his 5/25 television match in Cleveland with Rey Mysterio that aired on Friday night’s Smackdown.

The injury is believed to have been from taking the seated senton move by Mysterio during the match.

The recommendation for time off from the injury would take him past the Fatal Four Way show, but right now it was described as maybe 50-50 as to whether he would be able to wrestle on the show.

Because of the lack of depth on the Smackdown side, Rey Mysterio, who was supposed to have a month off for vacation, has been called back to action, to fill Undertaker’s scheduled position on house shows and television. No decision has been made regarding the Fatal Four Way, but logic would have Mysterio as the replacement if Undertaker can’t wrestle.

The Smackdown main event for Fatal 4 Way is scheduled to be Jack Swagger vs The Undertaker vs Big Show vs C.M. Punk for the World Heavyweight Title. Undertaker had been working a vastly reduced schedule due to a number of long-term physical problems curbing his ability to commit to a regular workload.

The Raw main event is scheduled to be John Cena vs Sheamus vs Edge vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, yet it remains uncertain as to whether or not Orton will be cleared to compete in time due to recent complications with his shoulder. Triple H is thought to be on stand-by in case a last-minute replacement is required.

Credit: F4WOnline.com

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