Two Weeks In; How Bad Did Jonah Hex Flop?


With its second weekend in the books, it’s official. Jonah Hex dropped 72% and currently has grossed $9.2 million. It currently sits as the worst performing movie at the box office this year, taking the place of the always awesome MacGruber. By comparison, Jonah Hex has a budget that Warner Bros claims was $47 million but is being rumored to have climbed as high as $82 million. MacGruber cost $10 million.

It’s being said that the amount of money that Warner lost on Jonah Hex is equal to what they expected to profit on their new Harry Potter movie. So this must be an awesome feeling for Warner Bros, as they’re releasing a Harry Potter movie in November, and they money is already spent.

Maybe in the future they’ll learn that you can’t just stunt write and cast comics, because Jonah Hex is on par with Constantine for too much being changed for the sake of being changed. Not like with Catwoman, however, as they actually did attempt to use the established characters and not just the copywrite.

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