So You Think You Can Dance – Episode 7-10

That was an interesting opening routine, no? Different. Me likey, and me extra likey new choreographers. Welcome, Jamel Gaines! Please don’t let yourself get caught in the SYTYCD rut.

I think I’m tapping into some sort of viewer pulse, because I was correct with two out of three guesses for the Bottom 3. I’m still not entirely sure what the appeal of Jose is, but I guess it’s there and we have to deal with it. But I want to say this – for all the flogging that contestants like Benji and Evan received, they could dance. I mean, get out their and dance, perform, excite a crowd, kill in their own style, even make great strides in new genres. The same simply can not be said for Jose.

Poor Robert. Even Mia can’t take a guess at why he’s not connecting with audiences. I think it’s because of his over the top nature, not to mention lots of talking up by the judges. I don’t necessarily agree Mia’s statement about “Billy B” (what the hell was that??), but I think Billy hasn’t had his moment yet, when he hits his stride and gets a great routine to show off his skill. Hopefully that time will come.

And there’s Melinda. The competition (and the judges) did her no favors, but she never exactly stopped traffic in her routines either. She had a fun solo on her way out, and I can’t help but wish the judges didn’t throw her under the bus the night before.

I’m into this All Star spotlight they’re doing, and of course, thoroughly enjoyed seeing The Garden again. I wonder how it’ll work for the rest? For example, there’s no All Star that Allison has danced with before, so will they bring Ivan back for a night? I really hope The Transformers and Angel and Devil are brought back.

I loved the Viva Elvis performance. Really fun, and I like it when choreographers collaborate. But nothing can beat the weird/stupid/awesome choreographed dance fight that Ne-Yo brought to the table. Oh, and supposedly there was singing involved.

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