Marvel Editorial Comments On Rogue And Sentry Relationship From Sentry: Fallen Sun One Shot
by Grey Scherl on July 19, 2010

CBR did an interview with some Marvel editors over the weekend, and here’s a bit of what they had to say concerning the Sentry and his relationship with Rogue, hinted at in the Fallen Sun one shot.

Brevoort: I don’t think necessary is the right word here. What, really, is necessary? But what it was was interesting, and it gave us a character who could react to the Sentry’s death in a different way from everybody else, and in a meaningful way. So it was just something interesting that Paul Jenkins came up with in the writing of that story, no different than any other untold exploit of the Sentry’s that we’ve revealed over the years. I know Rogue fans like to think of her as having been chaste, but she’s always been a bit of a hot-blooded girl, and we’ve seen her take up with Magneto and other folks at different points – why not the Sentry?
Alonso: Paul Jenkins had the idea for a past relationship that we didn’t see as substantial as DownInAHole does. At the time, it made sense that Rogue would seek some kind of affection with a character as powerful as the Sentry. We haven’t gotten to see any of that relationship, so it’s hard to say what the extent of their dealings was, but it made some character sense to us.

While the notion of a relationship didn’t bother me, Rogue is the kind of character that I would like to see such a thing mean something with. She’s been romantically off limits almost her entire existence due to her powers, so the knowledge that she was with someone is something that I would have actually liked to see a writer explore. Some of her most interesting character moments have come with characters like Gambit, Magneto, and Joseph; and it is because of the fact that she is unable to touch anyone. I might have paid to read an issue that explained the two together, but then I remembered it was the Sentry and said pass.

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