Psych – Episode 5-1 Review

A new season of Psych which also means brand new clips in the intro. Most of the clips are from last season but they also threw in some from this premiere episode. I think they picked good scenes to use, although I will miss Lassiter with his gun from last season’s intro. You will also notice the actors’ names first appeared in Chinese to fit in with the ethnic theme of the episode, I bet if it was not the premiere episode they would have made an entirely Chinese intro like last year’s Hindi themed one.

Flashback: 1990. In tonight’s flashback, young Shawn and Gus are cornered by bullies. Shawn insists that Gus knows Karate even though Gus has only had two lessons so far. We don’t get to see the outcome of the fight but we can assume it did not end well.

The story overall started out predictable because of the title. From the title Romeo and Juliet and Juliet, it was pretty easy to assume that they were not dealing with a kidnapping and that they were really in love. Thankfully they threw in the twist with the brother to make it not just a Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet. The side story with Juliet fit in smoothly by having her assist on the case while helping her recover from the trauma from last season’s finale.

This episode themed mainly around stereotyping. They keep visiting their former employee Ken for information on their case solely because he is Chinese. He knows almost nothing that will help them on the case but they assume he would just because he is Asian. Like Shawn, most people would call any type of Asian martial arts Karate.

Lassiter was surprisingly underused in this episode. There did not seem to be any police investigation into the kidnapping, they were more focused on bringing Juliet back on to the team. Our first look at Henry being in charge of consultants does not look promising. The character had become likable and has taken a turn towards annoying. If he continues trying to work against them I would rather he went back to being retired. Gus was amazing pretending to be a lawyer, hilariously threatening to sue the guy for being a racist to get Shawn into the class. Shawn seemed a little more silly than usual in this episode, but since it was restricted to him thinking that he was a martial arts expert after one class it remained funny.

I enjoyed this episode a lot and hope that its a sign the rest of the season will be full of funny and original episodes.

Coming up: In the next episode we will see the groups swapping partners. Gus will be working with Lassiter while Shawn works with Jules. Should be interesting to see how this turns out. Plus Lassie tap dancing, that you won’t want to miss!