Psych Episode 5-2 Review

Good job Psych, two weeks in a row of well written and creative episodes! I can’t really think of anything I’ve hated about this season yet. The dialogue has not gone off into the unintelligible jumble of references it was last season and they seem to have toned down Shawn considerably. If you go back to my review from last season you will see that I had a major problem with Shawn never shutting up. So far Shawn has been tolerable.

Flashback:1990. Shawn catches Gus tap dancing in his back yard. Shawn doesn’t approve but Gus refuses to stop doing something he loves.

I’m very proud of Gus for still sticking with tap dancing. Shawn might think its uncool, but he sure proved him wrong during the end performance.  Gus has some killer moves! Enough about Gus, how awesome was Lassie? He may not have Gus’ skills but he was decent. Therapy might be paying off for him after all. Tap dancing seems to be relaxing him and with Gus’ help he was getting pretty decent. Seeing him perform with the kiddie group at the end was adorable too.

This episode also gave us a mix up in our detective teams. Lasitter asks Gus to help him investigate after his pharmaceutical skills prove beneficial and Gus accepts to show Shawn he can solve a case without him. Betrayed by their partners, Shawn and Juliet team up to solve the case before them. Lets see how they did…

Lassie/Gus: They actually started out ok. Gus got the respect he wanted from Lassiter, such as being introduced by his real name. Lassiter also enjoyed having a partner who didn’t just shout out opinions. Lassie did not seem to get annoyed by anything Gus did during the case but Gus could not deal the way Lassiter handled the case. Even though the facts were off, Lassiter arrested the guy anyway. He also felt starved when all he had to eat was sunflower seeds.

Shawn/Jules: I hope this is not a sign that they do not belong together, but this teaming was just a disaster. Juliet did not approve of Shawn’s impulsiveness or share his case eating habits. Shawn was not enthusiastic about Juliet’s organized investigation plans, not surprising since he never follows protocol.

Although I was not surprised things did not work out for them it was interesting to see. They might have their differences but these two teams have been working together long enough for it to be difficult to adjust to a new partner. Plus, Gus is one of the only people in the world who can deal with Shawn’s quirks. Sorry Jules, you’re just not among them.

On to the case. Psych has a pretty predictable pattern. They go after the wrong person first, then something happens to the wrongfully accused person, and then they finally catch the real person. It’s not true for every episode, but you can see it in most of them. What makes the cases unique is the storyline to which the pattern is used, such as the type of crime. I do wish Psych would do a case not involving murder more often, they have not done many. So like the majority of their cases this one involved murder. While I get bored of murder all the time, this one was kinda interesting. I had never heard of dry drowning before so having someone murdered that way caught my attention. It also kind of scares me about going under anesthesia.

Coming up: The guys get hired on a case where a lawyer claims his assistant was abducted by aliens. I’m expecting some X-file references on that one. Plus, I’m a fan of 24 and the guest star is Freddie Prinze Jr. so I can’t wait to see this.