Erik Morales Press Conference Quotes
by Trent Pusey on August 18, 2010

Erik Morales Press Conference Quotes

(All quotes translated from Spanish by Benny Ricardo)

With Mexican soccer star Rafa Marquez: “In my next fight I plan to use Rafa Marquez-like defense and the offense of (Thierry) Henry.”

On why Morales returned to the ring: “I’m not doing this for economic reasons. I’m not doing this for ego. I just want to come back and do it for the joy of boxing. Reporters want to write. The camera guys want to shoot. Because that’s what you do and that’s what you do best. Fighting is what I do best. Five years as an amateur, 16 years as a professional – this is what I do. Now I want to do it and enjoy it and do it my way.
“The reason why I’m coming back into the ring, being at 49 (wins) and wanting to get to that 50th win, which is a mark all great fighters have, that elusive 50th win.
I found the support with my family. I’m still a young man. I want to go out and do this and everyone. Some may think I’m crazy because you don’t get better as you get older. I’m a young man, but I’m experienced.”

On what fans will see on Sept. 11: “They’ll see a faster, stronger Erik Morales, who is absolutely going to rock the ring and have everybody say, ‘There he is, he never left.'”

On the importance of the date and fight card: “For me, the reason Sept. 11 is so important, this is about Mexican Independence, this is about the Mexican Revolution. It becomes so important in boxing because Mexicans have distinguished themselves in boxing more than any other sport and have produced more world champions and the greatness of the Mexican fighter is renowned. Now, all that comes together, in one night. This event is so big that it requires four promoters to come together and put this together.”

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