Wrestler Workout: John Morrison

John Morrison

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

John Morrison is, without a doubt, one of the best built wrestlers in pro wrestling today. His unorthodox training style combined with an advanced workout is a marvel and feat that most men cannot do. His primary workout routine, known as Out of Your Mind Training, was designed by Jeff Carrier NASM-CPT in Hawthorne, California. The style incorporates full-body exercises designed to work out a number of muscle groups throughout the workout rather than focusing on one at a time.

An example of a workout that can be found in the Out of Your Mind Training routine is the Dumbbell Push Crunch. This exercise will have the person lay down in the position for a crunch, anchoring their feet so they do not slip or lift them up. With a set of dumbbells in hand and straight upward, lift into a crunch and keep the dumbbells directly overhead. Morrison will do 15-20 reps in 3-4 sets.

Morrison incorporates the superset into his workouts. A superset is to move from one exercise to the next with no rest in between. Morrison will start with a Weighted Pull-Up at 4-6 reps and then transition straight into the Dumbbell Push Crunch without any rest. That will be one set and he will continue on to do 2-3 more after this before moving onto the next superset. Supersetting is a nice way to work in exercises to get a better, faster workout in less time which is what WWE superstars must do in order to fit their workout time into their schedule.

When the gym cannot be fit into his schedule, Morrison uses a variety of bodyweight exercises to keep himself in shape. A big fan of Parkour, a form of freerunning which adapts a person’s body to jump over obstacles, Morrison will run around an area and leap, or flip, over obstacles and along walls to get a good cardio workout. Combining Parkour and his exercise routine incorporates building a strong core for in the ring so he can withstand the punishment of his match.

“My core is essential t what I do,” Morrison said in an interview with Men’s Fitness in their September 2010 issue. “A lot of entertainers have low-back problems because when you fall, the impact shoots through your hips to your back. If you don’t have a strong core, your whole body is going to be thrown out of whack. For that reason, I try to do abs 4-5 days a week.”

Morrison is currently working with Carrier on an Out of Your Mind Fitness DVD although their website (www.outofyourmindfitness.com) sends everybody to Morrison’s Twitter account. When asked by Men’s Fitness magazine in their September 2010 issue, Morrison re-iterated what every professional wrestler says when they asked him what keeps him motivated inside of the gym: “Vince McMahon said that intelligence is the application of knowledge. If you’re training for a reason and disregarding stuff that you know to be true, that’s just stupid. Find your purpose and train to meet it. That’s what I do every time I go to the gym.”

Workout of the Week: Out of Your Mind Fitness

Because I think it is imperative for everyone to buy this DVD when it comes out, I am going to just give you one superset to work into your routine.

Hyperextension-To-Lateral Raise

Using a Roman Chair, or Hyperextension machine, start with a pair of dumbbells hanging barely off of the floor. Complete a Hyperextension by using your back muscles to come up into a position where the body is nearly straight with the back slightly arched. Hold this position and then do a lateral raise by lifting the weights outward so that your arms are about equal with your shoulders, keeping a slight bend at the elbows. Do this 10-12 times before supersetting into…

Rope Pushdown + Rope Crunch

Bend at the waist and keep the back straight, staying aligned from the lower back to your head. Grasp the rope so there is a slight bend at the elbows and the push it down, bending with the elbow and making sure the upper arm does not move. Do this 8-10 times and then drop down to your knees and hold the rope so that each hand is on either side of the head with the ropes meeting point with the cable behind your head. Do a crunch with your abs bending and you pulling down on the rope until your head is close to the ground and then come back up, do 20 of these. Also make sure that your abs are flexed and you are exhaling as you reach the bottom.