Reality Dish Interview w/Cara Maria Sorbello (MTV Cutthroat) [Podcast]

I first met Cara Maria Sorbello at the Big Brother Finale / Vegas Bash last month and we hit it off right away.  Maybe it was because we were what seemed like the only two people who weren’t on <I>Big Brother</I> at the party, but we hit it off right away.  Cara Maria brought Abram Boise to my Goodbye LA party a couple of weeks ago and we have been friends ever since.  It was hard getting to know her on the Fresh Meat Challenge because she was eliminated first, so I was excited to talk to her about Cutthroat and how she saw herself doing.  We discussed her impressions of Ayiiia, her problems with Chet and why the new kids always seem to be targetted on the MTV shows.  Check it out!