10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars 11.04.2010 — Kaval, Gail Kim, The Usos

1. I like Matt Stiker. I do. But please, can he check the comedy act at the door? “Hi Pee Wee Herman, I’m Giant Matt.” If you listen closely enough, that sound you’re hearing…yeah, those are cricket chirps.

2. Swagger/Kaval was completely underwhelming. Both men seemed a little off their game tonight, but the fans were absolute zombies. You could hear a pin drop in that arena. It’s difficult to get excited about a Superstars match, I understand. But come on.

3. Quick recaps are all I get to see of NXThree, because it’s all I can take, but it appeared to be an interesting week. It’s sad they can jumble two Hall of Famers, fun current and past feuds, and a nice little twist before the kiss…and it’s STILL not interesting enough to watch.

4. Luke Gallows is alive? How long has this been happening? Well, it’s nice to see he has absolutely no improvement since his time with Punk. Even Archer looked a little silly tonight. He was over-selling and under-selling, all at once. Somehow.

5. “How many Usos does it take to beat Mark Henry?”…who writes this stuff? Like, really? The WWE should hire me, I can pull awful lines out of my ass for a substantial pay.

6. The Edge/del Rio promo was great. One thing I love about Smackdown, is how their main event is always something interesting. Instead of the usual suspects you see on Raw.

7. Thank god for Superstars. On the rare chance they decide to utilize her, Gail Kim is consistently appearing on it. Sure, we have to suffer through Alicia Fox, but it’s better than Kelly Kelly, so I’m okay with it. Alicia managed to overshoot her own knee when attempting a backbreaker on Gail. Who does that?

8. They gave Gail a win! Is it chilly out?

9. Mark Henry and The Usos. I can’t imagine anything I care less about.

10. Tamina outshined both of the Usos, when she Superkicked Mark in the face to a blind ref. I love when the women take on the men.

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