The Walking Dead Season One to Get Loads of Bonus Material for DVD and Blu-ray

The series that took the world by surprise this fall, The Walking Dead became a ratings beast for the AMC network during its first season. Though the season only consisted of six episodes, it was so impressive that the Hollywood Foreign Press recognized its quality by nominating it for a Golden Globe.

But enough about accolades, what of its eventual release on DVD and Blu-ray? We already let you know that it’s available for pre-order and that Anchor Bay Entertainment would be distributing the title.

Here’s what we know now. The official release date is in fact March 8th (there was some speculation that the date was a temporary date by Amazon). Home Media Magazine had a two-page spread for the release. The first page is simple kudos and acknowledgments of how great the show is. Um, yeah, tell me something I didn’t already know. Well, the second page lists that supplemental material will consist of “Tons of Bonus Features including ‘Making Of,’ Webisodes, Audio Commentaries and Behind-the-Scenes footage!”

Okay, that I didn’t know.



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Source: TVShowsonDVD