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Tyler Reks becomes Twitter Trending Topic

WWE Superstar Tyler Reks became one of the top trending topics on Twitter last night after the TNA Genesis Pay-Per-View. Reks, a superstar currently wrestling on the Smackdown! brand, was being compared to Matt Hardy after Hardy’s surprise appearance at last night’s pay-per-view and, surprisingly, became a more popular keyword than anything else involving TNA last night.

Examples of Tyler Reks trending topics include:

@supergrrlx The highlight of the TNA PPV was when Tyler Reks trended on Twitter & Matt Hardy didn’t.

@Relentless_J Matt won’t give TNA ratings, but he’ll get Tyler Reksa push hahaha

@buzzuk @MattHardyBrand matt did you know that when you debuted last nite tyler reks trended worldewide instead of you. Ppl got a little confused.

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