Kue’s Korner: The Danger of Disinterest;Building the Built (WWE, TNA)

Coming straight from the sweltering heat of D.C. is Tuesday’s only Korner worth being in; that which belongs to Kue. Yours truly, the condescendingly charismatic Jonah Kue, is your host and the owner of said Korner, and what a week it’s been. From new champions to new number one contenders to what seems like the beginning of the end of a beloved rape angle on TNA, there’s been some development in the world of ‘rasslin’, to say the least. Let’s get to it, folks.

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Jonah’s Jumpstart

Yawn. Let’s Hope Not

It’s tough to say this, but after the ‘E events of this past week, I felt a feeling that I hadn’t felt in awhile: disinterest. The last time that feeling crept in was right around the end of the Invasion angle, which resulted in a hiatus of my watching sports-entertainment. It’s not that the whole product is sparking this feeling, but more the recent developments in the main event angles. Vince’s two current trophy faces are now both World Champs. This itself doesn’t bother me, but it’s more how those two achievements have culminated.

Cena winning the title means nothing these days, as he is prone to title reigns privy to poster boys. There was a spark of an interesting chase when our Confederate-colored soldier set a goal to get the title for his much anticipated match with the Great One set for next week’s ‘Mania. The chase would have been an enticing angle. Sadly, enticing was traded for nullifying, as Cena’s title win simply seemed generic. I will say this: if the rumors are true, and Cena is booked to hold the title until ‘Mania, “big clucking mistake” doesn’t cover it.

Not gonna lie. I was one of the group peeved after the main event of Smackdown. Like many, I was disheartened. Even a sense of being betrayed came over me. Those of us who have followed Captain Charisma since the Brood relished in the long-time-coming title reign of his. The opening video and promo from this week’s Smackdown did more to heighten that sensation. So, why, after all this, did Christian lose the title to Orton?

I can only hope it’s part of a bigger heel turn for our Peep Leader. It would make sense. Since the fans chose Orton as the number one contender that night, Christian’s animosity towards them has a rightful place. And his desperation to taste the gold again can motivate underhanded tactics against Smackdown’s now number one face. My hope for this rationale is there, but so is my skepticism.

Disinterest is easy to garner. Just give Cena and Orton the top tier titles without any build or chase. We’re not there yet, but the follow-up to these title changes will a big determining factor on whether we’re headed towards that destination.

Build of the Built

What’s gained the scope of my peripherals is the not so steady build of Mason Ryan and Big Zeke Jackson. These two have not only shown themselves able to take down the team of Show and Kane, but they’re also steadily breaking out of their respective cliques (well, Zeke’s breakout wasn’t as steady). This is reminiscent of how Batista was pushed. Obviously, Zeke is being pushed more towards face status than Ryan is, but in any case, Ryan will have to make a clean break from Nexus in order for this push to come into fruition.

This had me wondering: to take down the Rebel forces of these two respective Empires, it would interesting to see if there are any possibilities for them to unite. Another crack at a dominant heel stable? Just saying.

Total Nonstop Articulation

Unfortunately, I didn’t catch all of Impact this week (sad, I heard we made some headway in that rape angle). So, it would be somewhat unfair and not so credible for me to do a full analysis. So, here are a few bullet points of things I’ve noticed from the clips I’ve seen.

  • How insane is it that Roode is as over on the mic as he is? Give the man props. Although, honestly, anyone going against Hogan is instantly a top face in my book.
  • Speaking of insanely over, Velvet Sky got that crowd popping pretty well. Hopefully, that Knockouts title feud is really something they’re booking soon. It’s probably the only thing left to really reinvigorate that division.
  • Why is Tommy Dreamer still involved in….anything?
  • No matter how much air time they invest in this “Network” storyline, I could care less about it. It’s a ridiculous mystery angle that they’ve already milked with “they”. Please stop this crap and just invest more time on Daniels and AJ. How about putting Joe and Pope back on TV? Thanks, guys.

Blue Streak

I’m going to leave the Christian/Orton debacle out of this section, as I’ve already covered it in the Jumpstart.

The stand out matches from this episode are Sheamus/Bryan and Sin Cara/Kidd. The former combination has proven to produce some fantastic matches. Given this one was a bit on the tamer side, but it still held itself on a high level. I worry, though, about Bryan’s status in the company. I feel as though he’s going the route of Shelton Benjamin, where he delivers incredibly in the ring, but nothing is being done character and feud wise with him. I hope he can divert from this path.

Once again, Sin Cara has shown the move to Baby Blue has done wonders for his match quality. The story here, however, is Tyson Kidd finally being able to showcase himself on something other than Superstars. The match not only showed Kidd’s in ring abilities some more to a bigger audience, but also boasted the chemistry these two have. Let’s see more of these two, please.

They pulled the trigger on Zeke. Question is, will this do more harm than good? Let’s hope not. Hopefully, they’ll follow something close to what I’ve outline in the Jumpstart.

Cody put out more promo gold. Give this guy a feud already! Hell, a feud with Cara would be an easy transition from his battles with Mysterio.

I know he’s the closest ethnic representation I have on ‘E, but I’m not sure why Khali is being given an angle. Well, let’s be honest, it’s Ranjin Singh who’s getting the angle with Jinder. If they contain these developments to the minute long segments they’ve been churning out, then it’s fine. Please stay fine.

Seeing Red

Looks like they’re going the route of “multiple number one contender elimination style” on this particular episode of Raw. The opening promo was fantastic, and every superstar on their had a legitimate claim to a title shot (well, Rey not so much). It was interesting to see the dichotomy between del Rio and the Awesome One, both on the mic and in the ring. For two heels, they mesh incredibly well together, and honestly, I’d love to see a program between the two of them. Hell, if they did Sheamus and heel Orton…

The star of the show, by far, was R- Truth. For those who aren’t seeing the fire this guy is on, get over yourselves. I mean, seriously. Hospital food? That shit was gold. Truth’s heel promos are one of a kind. My friend and fellow fan, Painkilla, made an interesting point in noticing that Truth is not fitting the common cerebral heel archetype that so many recent heels have fit (Punk, Miz, etc). This makes him a completely fresh character, and not only that, but he genuinely looks like he’s having a blast playing his new role. That particular aspect, I think, really adds that extra dimension to his character. And a feud with Mysterio can only help his elevation.

I didn’t understand the point of Kane/Show getting the best of the Nexus again. I especially didn’t understand their decimation of Mason Ryan. If they’re trying to build Ryan, why play a game of “one step forward, two steps back”? Hopefully, this leads somewhere, because if they’re just playing hot potato with laying out the other side, then this is just a colossal waste of time.

Ziggler….I really hate his descending to this level.

I like the fact that Alex Riley is becoming more than just a prop by the Miz’s side. Thing is, his match with Cena and the outcome of said match all but guaranteed Miz being the victor of the triple threat match at the end of the night. Not such a subtle seed planted.

Wow, an impressive match between Kingston and Swagger. I’m glad that Cole and King bullshit is ove……damn, really? Another match? At this point, I’d rather watch Hernandez and Morgan in a 30 minute backstage brawl.

The triple threat was a great match. Miz and del Rio exchanged dominating times, while Mysterio did his occasional moves to pop the kids. It did what it was supposed to do, but the conclusion was forgone. And with Cena announcing the PPV match as an “I Quit” match, the result of that little encounter may be a forgone one as well. That is, unless Miz pulls something a bit smarmy and underhanded. Royal Rumble 1999, anyone?

‘Round the Bend

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And how could I forget, GRUT IS BACK!

And, of course, Miss Penny gives the haters a silent treatment (deservedly so) and gives a great personal take on recent events of the grappling kind. Check it as well.

Klosing Thoughts

All in all, I still remain somewhat disenchanted with Raw. With Punk basically out of the picture, Miz heading into a losing PPV battle with Cena, and Cole/King continuing, it seems the only progressive part of the show was Truth’s development and establishment of a new feud with Rey. Hopefully, they can spark up a feud for Alberto del Rio by next week. With “Over the Limit” only two weeks away, it’s hard to think they can put together anything well worth a viewer’s attention investment.

Christian, I do hope the optimistic monster heel turn is the reason for your loss. If it isn’t, I’m not sure how much more disenchanted I’ll get with this non-wrestling company.

Vigilance be tested.


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