Inside Pulse Wrestling’s WWE RAW Report – 05.16.2011: Over the Limit Shapes Up

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We begin tonight’s show with the WWE Champion, John Cena. He doesn’t get to speak as Alex Riley comes out on the stage to show a video of the Miz owning John Cena throughout several weeks. Nice touch by the editing department, by the way. Riley introduces the Miz and the duo walk down the ramp. They enter the ring and Alex Riley continues spewing verbal diarrhea. John Cena retorts saying that Riley is as stupid as he is useless. Cena says that he chose the I Quit match because he can look into the Miz’s eyes and see fear. He tells the Miz that after Over the Limit, he will be saying I’m the Miz and I Quit. The RAW GMail chimes in and he is giving the Miz the option of naming John Cena’s opponent and match type tonight, as long as it does not involve either of them. The Miz isn’t going to enlighten us as to what the choices are, but they will be awesome.


Kofi Kingston v. CM Punk (w/The Nexus)

The bell rings and we get a headlock to start. Kingston sends Punk to the ropes and he times a dropkick to Punk who rolls out of the ring. The Nexus advances and Punk eats a baseball slide. Back inside, Punk drops Kingston’s neck on the ropes and he takes control. Cover gets two, so Punk works a chinlock. Kingston tries to fight out, but Punk gets a snapmare takedown for two. Punk takes to the ropes and he staggers a bit. This allows Kofi to get a high angle dropkick on the mark. Crossbody off the ropes gets two and Kingston gets into his control frenzy. Boom drop finds the mark and he looks for the Trouble in Paradise. Punk avoids it. GTS attempt countered to a schoolboy for two. Punk evades a corner attack and he connects with the GTS. Cover and pin.

Winner: CM Punk
Grade: C+

Punk has a microphone and he explains that this is leadership by example. He won’t stop until each member of the Nexus is an unstoppable force.

The Miz talks to Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.


Last week, Kharma does what she does best.

Kelly Kelly v. Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella)

Bell rings and Brie takes control with an arm wringer. Kelly flips and twirls Brie before taking her down with a Thez Press. Brie regains control and Nikki earns her pay by snapping Kelly’s neck on the rope. Brie misses a butt drop so she gets spanked a bit. Kelly sends Brie to the corner for the handspring elbow. Bulldog gets two. Brie gets tripped up and she gets pinned uniquely for the win.

Winner: Kelly Kelly
Grade: D

The Bellas double team Kelly Kelly and Kharma makes her appearance. This time, the Bellas stay inside the ring, thinking about taking her on. Kharma hits the ring and she heads towards Kelly Kelly, but the Bellas make a major mistake. Implant Buster on one of the Bellas…and boy that one had an extra bit of hurt added to it. Kharma then picks Kelly Kelly up by the face and she flicks her finger at her head.

Backstage, The Miz tries to talk to the Big Show.


That’s What I Am is out tomorrow.

We recap R-Truth attacking Rey Mysterio from behind last week.

Rey Mysterio has a microphone and he wants to talk to R-Truth man to man. We wait for a bit and we take a break.


We’re back and R-Truth doesn’t come out, so we are treated to Alberto del Rio. He tells Rey that he doesn’t deserve to be on the same show as him. There’s a referee in the ring as del Rio enters and he continues to talk about how great he is. Mysterio decides that since R-Truth is scared, he’ll shut del Rio up instead.

Rey Mysterio v. Alberto del Rio

Mysterio takes it to Del Rio from the start. Del Rio overpowers Mysterio in the corner. Single arm DDT from the top and Mysterio is favoring his right arm. Baseball slide to the arm and Mysterio is forced out of the ring.


We are back and Mysterio is still favoring the arm. He makes a comeback, but the arm keeps Mysterio from getting his full offense in. Kick to the arm gets two for Del Rio. He continues working on the arm before stomping on it. He covers for two and continues to work the arm. Mysterio tries a hurrancuarana, but del Rio blocks it and he hits a shining wizard that catches the arm. That gets a two count. Mysterio attacks from the ground, but del Rio dropkicks Mysterio to stop that. He goes back to the arm and Mysterio finds a counter. Mysterio gets a kick in and he lets del Rio take himself out of the ring.

R-Truth is in the skybox complaining about Rey Mysterio stealing his spot. Del Rio recovers, but Mysterio keeps on the pressure. Mysterio with the seated senton and he sends Del Rio to the ropes. Ricardo stops the 619 and the bell is called. Del Rio drops the leg over Rey’s prone body and he attempts the cross-arm breaker only for the referee to stop it from happening. R-Truth makes his way from the skybox to the ring and he assaults Mysterio. Downward Spiral sends Rey down for the count. Truth grabs a microphone and he tells Rey that no one challenges the Truth; that he makes the challenges. It’s on at Over the Limit this Sunday. Truth v. Mysterio!

Winner via DQ: Rey Mysterio
Grade: C

Backstage, CM Punk discusses matters with The Miz. Who will face John Cena tonight?


Contract Signing for Lawler/Cole III

Michael Cole wants Jerry Lawler to repeat what he said last week. Jerry Lawler vows that if Michael Cole beats him again he will win the Hall of Fame ring and he will induct him in the WWE Hall of Fame. Both men sign and Michael Cole makes it known that there was a stipulation added to the match. The stipulation being a “Kiss My Foot” match. Seems that Lawler had a history in kissing feet, so we go back down memory lane. Lawler finally tells Michael Cole to shut up. He tells Cole that he respects Swagger for being a World Champion to which Michael Cole buries him saying that no one remembers when he won the title, so Jack Swagger leaves Michael Cole in distress. Now Michael Cole turns around and he tries to kiss some more ass. Lawler isn’t buying it. He grabs onto Cole’s tie and promises to stick his foot in his mouth and close it. He flips the table over and Michael Cole is crying like a baby.

The Miz talks to Kane and he and the Big Show leave him talking.


The Tag Titles are on the line at Over the Limit as Big Show & Kane defend against CM Punk & Mason Ryan.

Big Show & Kane v. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty (w/ CM Punk & Mason Ryan)

Kane overpowers McGillicutty from the get go. Low dropkick connects and that gets two. Tag to Big Show and he slaps McGillicutty hard a couple times. Big Show runs into a big boot, but that hardly does anything. McGillitty finds an opening with the leg and Otunga tags in to dropkick the leg. Cover and one, but Otunga keeps on the offense. Tag back to McGillicutty and he covers for two. Quick tags back and forth and Big Show is writhing in pain. Big Show uses his other foot to extend over McGillicutty’s chin. Tag to Otunga and he torques the leg. Otunga walks into a chokeslam. Headlock applied, but Big Show powers out. Kane gets tagged in and he overpowers McGillicutty. Clothesline off the top and Otunga looks to get involved, but he eats a big boot. Spear by Big Show causes a distraction and Punk scores a kick to the back of Kane’s head. Neckbreaker by McGillicutty ends this.

Winners: The Nexus
Grade: C

The Miz talks to R-Truth.


Scott is with Kane and Big Show talking about Sunday. They talk about how Sunday they will annihiliate the Nexus.

John Cena walks and Zack Ryder gets another cameo shot in, handing Cena a shirt.


WWE Rewind: John Cena owns Alex Riley last week.

The Miz comes out and announces that the following match is a No Holds Barred Match. Cena comes out and Jack Swagger attacks ahead of the bell.

No Holds Barred: John Cena v. Jack Swagger

Bell officially rings and Swagger takes it to Cena in the corner. Swagger goes for the anklelock, but Cena fires back. Pillar to post we go and Swagger retains control. Michael Cole says that Jack Swagger wouldn’t be anything without him. Whatever. Cena gets sent to the corner and Cena gets back up. Suplex by Swagger. Swagger bomb connects and it’s time for a break.


We’re back and Cena is still in trouble. The fight goes back on the outside and Swagger sends Cena into the exposed railing. Back in the ring we get a cover, but just a two count. Chairshot to the back gets two. Swagger lays the chair on Cena and he hits the Swagger Bomb on it. It looked like Cena pushed the chair up and Swagger no-sold it. HERE COMES CENA! Swagger counters a shoulderblock into a spinebuster. Anklelock applied and Cena flips Swagger over. Swagger charges and he eats steel chair in the corner. HERE COMES CENA AGAIN! Protobomb connects and we get Five Knuckle Shuffle. A.A. try and it connects. STF is locked in and Swagger taps out. Standard Super-Cena match.

Winner: John Cena
Grade: C+

The Miz isn’t impressed, by the tone of his voice. The Miz promises to utilize one of the many ways to make John Cena say I Quit. The Miz makes reference in being smarter than John Cena and that he will be sick and twisted Sunday. The Miz proves the pipe being fake by swinging hard and connecting on Cena. Either that or Cena proves that you can be hit hard by a pipe and not suffer a broken bone. Cena goes wild on Miz and Riley and he tells Miz to bring his game.

Show over.


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