‘Quinton Jackson: In The Moment’ Recap and Review

Welcome to thirty minutes of insipid Rampage boringness. We start off meeting Rampage as he travels down the road in his A-Team Charger, I think. Or it might be a Nova, I’m not sure. Anyway, he is talking about how people never like to take him seriously and how there is a Jekyl/Hyde transformation that takes place when he is in the cage. Basically he’s good, charming and funny out of the cage, but once he steps in, he turns into the monster that people know as Rampage.

He has a true to life A-Team van!!! Ok, that’s pretty sweet. We cut to his nutritionist talking about how Rampage refuses to eat properly, and she makes him lasagna to satiate him. They cover his appearance on ‘The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson’ where he discusses how he wishes he had more self discipline.

We then hit the training routine for his fight with Matt Hamill. Since this is taped starting on May 14th, we are starting off with the end of his preparation for the fight. They show Rampage running wind sprints and whining about it, and it’s off to the pool for more whining. See, Rampage hates to be wet, so he wears a robe and begs us not to make fun of him. We hit the pads, as I hit the pillow.
We wrap up with Rampage and his trainer talking about how Rampage is just a big kid and we see him playing video games. Looks like Call of Duty. More bits about his diet and that is that folks.

For such an entertaining fighter, or at least someone who claims to be an entertaining fighter, this was nothing short of mind numbingly boring. Rampage showed little to no personality in this special! This offered little to no insight on the man behind the “Rampage” character, and in truth, could have been so much more.

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