Mystic #1 Preview – More CrossGen From Marvel Comics

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at MYSTIC #1, from writer G. Willow Wilson and penciller David López featuring the colors of artist Nathan Fairbairn. The fate of a world powered by the combination of mystic arts and technology rests in the hands of two seemingly ordinary orphan girls. The impoverished slums of Hyperion are no place for two young girls to grow up, but when the duo dares to delve into the Noble Arts, their world is turned upside down! With new, incredible powers granted by the magical technology once forbidden to them, one girl will take up the massive burden of saving the world and the other will direct all her efforts to tearing it apart! Two friends are about to enter the fight of their lives filled with magic and mayhem and only one will come out on top! The line is drawn this August, only in MYSTIC #1!

Skitch Commentary: Seems to fall somewhere between Ruse and Sigil in terms of keeping it like the original, which is not a bad thing. Series looks fun, and I love David Lopez’s work on Fallen Angel.