Inside Pulse Wrestling WWE RAW Report – 06.06.2011: And That’s the Bottom Line…

Thank you for joining Pulse Wrestling tonight for live coverage of WWE Monday Night RAW. After being away for two weeks due to moving and working overtime, I’m back and it’s time to get RAW! I don’t have the normal spiel that I always do since I’m still tinkering with the minor bits and pieces of unpacking.

We are live with the conclusion of WWE Tough Enough. Vince McMahon is about to pick the WWE Tough Enough champion, but Steve Austin calls him out saying that Tough Enough is his show. We have some tension and Vince lets Steve have his way. The drum roll hits and Steve Austin selects Andy to win Tough Enough. Vince offers a welcome to the WWE by bitchslapping Andy to the mat. Steve Austin gives his welcome and a Stone Cold Stunner in the process. RAW…LIVE…NOW!

Vince fails at catching beers and we’re interrupted by a Civil War soldier dressed as R-Truth. Vince turns us to the recap of last week to remind us why R-Truth is apologizing. He is as sorry as a sack of crap. He’s officially out of the WWE Universe, but he will keep his WWE contract and title shot. Vince jokes around with R-Truth’s name and he invites him to his office.

Out comes the Miz and things are looking up. Really. He complains about Alex Riley costing him the WWE Title. He wants one more shot at the title, but he is interrupted by Alex Riley, with awesome music. All the Miz deserves is a third week of getting his ass kicked. Now comes John Cena to the official WWE office party going on inside the ring.

John Cena brings us up to speed. Vince is out of patience; Miz is out of excuses; A-Ry is out for vengenance; Steve Austin is almost out of beer; and R-Truth is out of his mind. That sums it all up. John Cena goes to the facts, saying that the Miz said I Quit last month. He tells A-Ry that he finally grew a set. He tells R-Truth to take off that outfit.

The RAW GMail chimes in and Vince McMahon tells Michael Cole to shut up. Vince has this one. We get R-Truth & The Miz versus John Cena & Alex Riley with Stone Cold as a special referee.


Santino Marella v. Michael McGillicutty

Santino gets some token offense from the get go and he sends McGillicutty out of the ring. Back in the ring, McGillicutty finally gets offense in and we go pillar to post. Cobra is ready, but McGillicutty backs away. Arm drags by Santino, but the dropkick gets swatted away. McGillicutty gets a dropkick of his own for two. Right hand to Santino in the corner. Cover gets one. Rollup by Santino gets two. Cover by McGillicutty gets two and the pace slows down a bit. Santino counters into an armdrag. Santino evades the corner charge and here he goes. He goes for the COBRA, but Otunga pulls McGillicutty out of the ring. Koslov kills Otunga and McGillicutty drops Santino on the ropes. McGillicutty misses a neckbreaker attempt and Santino gets the COBRA for the win.

Winner: Santino Marella
Grade: C+

We recap Tough Enough just a few minutes ago and Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix makes their way out of the ring. Divas action is NEXT!


We recap the Bella Twins verbally assaulting Kharma last week.

Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix v. The Bella Twins

Kelly gets a springboard armdrag off one of the Bellas in the early going, but the twins keep Kelly grounded. Cover gets two. Kelly gets the tag in and she tears her up a bit before the other Bella breaks the pin attempt. Glam Slam seals the deal.

Winners: Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix
Grade: D-


Booker T wants Trish to do the Spin-A-Roonie. Jack Swagger interrupts the fun and he calls Booker not tough enough and he challenges Booker T to a match. He accepts.

CM Punk and Mason Ryan comes out to the stage. Punk claims that he beat Rey many many times, but he accepted the rematch request in order to fulfill his ego. The match is NEXT!


Rey Mysterio v. CM Punk (w/Mason Ryan)

Lockup to start and Mysterio dodges a kick to the head. Another lockup and Mysterio works the arm a bit. Punk counters to a takedown and he works the arm in return. Mystrio gets out of the situation and he rolls Punk up for two. Mysterio sends Punk out of the ring and he heads out with him. Springboard leg drop gets two for Mysterio. Mysterio sends Punk to the ropes and Punk comes back. GTS position, but Punk toses Mysterio into the ring apron. Mysterio up top – KICKED DOWN BY PUNK! Mysterio is in the Tree of Woe and Punk takes advantage. Waist lock by Punk and Punk gets a backdrop for two. Legscissors by Punk, transitioning into a pin attempt for two. Mysterio gets out of it, but Punk throws Mysterio back first intom the ring post. Cover gets two. Mysterio comes back, but Punk stops it and they both get on the top rope. Superplex attempt is blocked by Mysterio and he takes Punk off. Mysterio barrels off the ropes and he connects with his back to Punk!Both men take their time and HERE COMES MYSTERIO! Springboard crossbody gets two. Punk catches Mysterio with a powerslam for two. Punk lowers the kneepad, but Mysterio evades it. Punk gets sent to the ropes, but Mason Ryan stops the 619 attempt. So, Mysterio uses Ryan as a post to deliver a tornado DDT on Punk! Mysterio drops the dime and that is all!

Winner: Rey Mysterio
Grade: B+

We hype Captiol Punishment.

John Cena and Alex Riley can’t stand each other.


Next week is “All Star Night” and a three hour RAW.

Alberto del Rio makes his appearance to remind us who he is. It seems that he’s a victim of slander since everyone thinks he’s a coward. But it was an accident and in the words of one Gene Snitsky, it’s not his fault. He wants the Big Show to come out so he can apologize. Out comes someone at least a foot shorter and a couple hundred pounds lighter. If that’s not Ricardo then I must be crazy. We go comedy a bit and Alberto reminds the Big Show that bad things happen to bad people.


Zack Ryder v. Kofi Kingston

Zack Ryder sighting! FTW! Bell rings and Kofi takes Ryder to school. Ryder piefaces Kofi and he eats a right hand. Kofi misses the corner charge and Ryder drops Kofi on his head for two. Ryder kicks Kofi in the face and scores a two count. Ryder misses a corner charge and here comes Kofi. Control Frenzy by Kofi and he connects with the Boom Drop. Trouble in Paradise gets blocked the first time, but not the second.

Winner: Kofi Kingston
Grade: D

R-Truth and the Miz are shockingly getting along and Booker T is making his way out to the ring.


Booker T v. Jack Swagger

Lockup to start and Jack Swagger takes Booker off his feet. Booker shows Swagger that it takes more than that to work him over. Swagger takes Booker off the apron and the fight spills outside. Swagger takes Booker pillar to post and Booker lights up Swagger in another corner. Swagger evades the scissors kick, but can’t evade the heel kick. Swagger opts to take a countout loss.

Winner via countout: Booker T
Grade: N/R

Evan Bourne comes out and he goads Swagger to go to the ring where he eats a scissors kick by Booker T, followed by the AirBourne.


The Miz & R-Truth v. Alex Riley & John Cena
Special Referee: Steve Austin


Good thing they waited to start this match. Miz and Cena start things off and Cena tags in A-Ry. The Miz runs away so Truth and A-Ry take over. Truth takes Riley down with a hiptoss for a one count. Truth struts his stuff a bit and Riley is ready for another hiptoss. Tag to John Cena and this time, R-Truth does the running. The Miz comes in and he promptly gets his ass kicked. The Miz is down and Cena tags in Riley. Miz tags Truth in and he runs away from Riley. Riley chases Miz around and upon returning to the ring, Truth is waiting.


We’re back and finally the Miz is in control of Alex Riley. Double team in the corner and Miz hits a DDT on Riley. Cover gets two. The Miz stomps a mudhole on Riley and Austin physically restrains the Miz, who shares a word with him. Riley evades a corner charge, but can’t tag Cena in. Truth continues dissecting Alex Riley a bit and Austin has some words for him. Riley gets beat up a bit in the corner and Truth scoop slams him. Truth goes for a fist drop, but Riley has the feet up. Tags all around and HERE COMES CENA! Cena gets hit with the fireworks. A.A. attempt and Truth stops it. Cena takes Truth out and he has Miz in the STF. Miz gets the ropes and Truth comes back in with a chair. Cena dropkicks the chair in Truth’s face. Cena and the Miz knock each other down and Alex Riley has the briefcase. It looks like he is going to hit Cena with it, but he connects with the Miz with it. Steve Austin nails the Miz with the Stunner and that sets up for the A.A. for the pin.

Winners: John Cena & Alex Riley

They celebrate in the ring and the RAW GMail chimes off and he reverses the decision due to Austin’s interference.

Winners: The Miz & R-Truth
Grade: C- (B Match/FTS ending)

The GMail chimes off again and he appoints Steve Austin the special guest General Manager next week on RAW. Austin destroys the GM setup and he decks Michael Cole before sending him in the ring to be drenched in beer. Stunner to Cole, who either forgets to sell it, or he oversells it. It’s enough for Cena to give Cole an Attitude Adjustment.

Show over.

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