DC Comics Relaunch: The New #1’s To Be Supported By Television Ads

From Bleedingcool:

While this information is probably more rumor than anything else, it kind of stinks of the same desperation that’s accompanied this relaunch announcement. Supposedly, DC will be launching a national television ad campaign to get the word out about it’s relaunched line of comics.

Is this a good thing? In theory. Will it help? Probably not.

Despite what they’re always saying about someone walking into a story and seeing high issues numbers and just being utterly deterred…that’s bullshit, plain and simple. That’s working on the assumption that most people are stupid, which, first of all, is simply unfair, and it also assumes most people don’t know how to use the freakin’ internet.

Comics are a niche market, plain and simple. They’ve entered into the pop zeitgeist just enough that if someone actually wanted to read them, they wouldn’t have a problem finding a way to do. Nearly every other college dorm room has a copy of Watchmen or V for Vendetta in it. The lack of Batman: RIP trades has nothing to with the issue numbers being so high, I assure you.

And I think if DC really wanted this relaunch to matter, they’d be started everything from the ground up. Carrying over storylines is just cheap and sad.

Although maybe I’m wrong – maybe comics being sold at Barnes & Noble now will really make a different. The commercials should make sure to point that out, but, I bet they won’t.

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