UPDATED: DC Comics Relaunch: #1’s Climb from 52 to 70…
by John Babos on June 22, 2011

Further updated here to 78.

Updated with 9 more books. Please see 57 to 65 below.

We already knew of more than 52 #1’s were coming from DC this Fall as part of the DC Comics Relaunch.

Creator confirmed:

53. Batman Beyond by Adam Beechen.
54. Batman Inc. by Grant Morrison in early 2012 (confirmed by DC).
55. A Gail Simone penned mini-series.
56. A mini-series by artist Jamal Igle. Source: Newsarama.
57. Neal Adam’s Batman Odyssey – previously announced as 12 issues maxi-series (half released)
58. T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents. Source: Bleeding Cool from recent DC Comics Exec retailors roadshow.
59. Superman Beyond.
60. Justice League Beyond.
61. A James Robinson penned project.
This may or may not be the Shade project referenced below.
62. An Amanda Connor project.
63. A Nicola Scott project.
64. A Phil Jiminez project.
65. A Scott Kolins project.
Source: Bleeding Cool from another recent DC Comics Exec retailors roadshow.

All of the above books are in addition to other books that have been announced, but have not seen the light of day.

Caveat: Some of the artists could be paired with the named writers although many of the artists now write as well. The above represents a maximum of projects.

Lastly, Dan DiDio has indicated that he sees DC’s eventual output being around 80 books (see preceding BC link alongside 65) including Vertigo and Johnny DC. There’s likely around 15 books across those two lines, leaving about 13 books left. So clearly a lot of the books here may need to be phased out over the coming Fall, Winter and Spring, e.g. DC’s plan for Batman Inc. in early 2012.

66. Speed Force (with Wally West/Bart Allen) – previously announced
67. My Greatest Adventure (was Weird Worlds) – previously announced as 12 issues maxi-series (half released)
68. Who’s Who (makes sense)
69. Multiversity
70. Shade

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