Nick Cannon talks America’s Got Talent and his new twins

America’s Got Talent, which airs Tuesdays on NBC, is currently in the middle of its audition episodes. Host Nick Cannon talked about his role on the show, a feuding panel of judges and his newest role in life – a father to twins.

With a demanding schedule, Cannon said time management was the key to staying on top of things.

“The beauty of it all is I never slept before anyway, so now it’s just about time management. I rarely even see a bed, so now when I go home it’s just spending all the time with my family and then back out to work again. So, I kind of sleep more on airplanes and in the back of cars and stuff more than actually in the house.”

Still, even with the new babies in the house, Cannon said he’s not slowing down on his professional work anytime soon.

“If anything, I’m going to have to speed up. I’ve got mouths to feed now. I’ve got to put my kids through college, so that gives me a whole different drive. It gives me a different type of momentum to want to do more and be the best provider and father that I can possibly be.”

Although he’s not slowing down on work, Cannon said it’s difficult being apart from his family and will be especially tough once America’s Got Talent‘s live shows begin.

“We haven’t done the live shows, but I’ve still been on the road and the Vegas shows and everything, and it’s quite difficult. My wife is extremely understanding when it comes to (traveling), so I didn’t really think that it would be any harder than it was before until it actually happens. All I want to do is be at home with my kids, but you know you’ve got get out there and work, so it’s definitely a difficult task.”

As season 6’s auditions continue, Cannon said this year’s crop of performers are even better than years past.

“Every year we say ‘The show’s getting better and better,’ but I really believe that this is the best year because I think people are inspired by the previous years. This year people are more creative and open-minded. I mean, when you saw acts like Fighting Gravity last year, it did so well. And then, you see someone even do better than that this year and so early on with like iLuminate, and just taking these different approaches and these different ideas. The talent is tremendous this year.”

As this is Cannon’s third year as host of the show, he said he doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

“I really truly love it. I mean, even the days are extremely long, but they go by so fast because it’s just nothing but a good time. Just seeing people entertain, you’re in this great theater and people are getting through and accomplishing their goals. It’s amazing.”




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