Finlay Discusses His Termination With WWE

Finlay sat down with Fighting Spirit Magazine about the details of his termination.

“They play the American national anthem over here before every event,” Finlay said. “We had Miz going out first and, because it was just before Wrestlemania, we were trying to get as much heat on him as possible. So my spur-of-the-moment call, as I sat right by the technician, was to tell him to hit Miz’s music while they were half-way through the national anthem. Of course, people were up in arms about it, but it was a good reaction as a heel. But there were National Guard people in the building that took exception to it, and I understand that fully. It wasn’t intended to insult anybody in that way — it was just part of an entertaining show. That’s what we do, we entertain — it’s about cheers and boos.”

One part I particularly enjoyed:

“I got all the girls together one time, and said, ‘Girls, I’m embarrassed doing this stuff, but what I would like to do is teach you how to wrestle, and bring you higher up the totem pole wrestling-wise.'”

Very well said. You can read more here.


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