The Rager – What Else is Happening in WWE? Spoiler Alert: Nothing…at all.

Welcome friends to another edition of The Rager. I am your friendly neighborhood Gondolier through this sludge of rage filled canals within the wrestling world.

The past couple weeks, CM Punk has been dominating the headlines of every WWE-related headline, including this one, and why is that? Because there’s hardly any effort being put into anything else. Quite honestly, I kinda feel bad talking about only CM Punk lately but really what is there to talk about? Here’s all I could think of:

Randy Orton is in a overly-drawn out rivalry with Christian thats reaching its third month
Alex Riley and The Miz are still bickering
Alberto Del Rio is technically the #1 Contender
Big Show and Mark Henry hate each other even though it was ADR’s ring announcer that ran over Show
Kelly Kelly is really into being Rikishi
Zack Ryder needs airtime
Guys involved in MiTB matches
Dolph and Kofi are in the only rivalry thats longer than Orton/Christian
Randy Orton said some things on a radio show that he probably shouldn’t have but it really wasn’t anything we didn’t already know plus got overshadowed by Punk.
R-Truth is still crazy but losing momentum quickly.

That’s about all I could possibly think of and does any of that sounds even remotely interesting that can be compared to what Punk has done lately? If there’s anything I’m missing, please tell me because its getting to the point where I can mute WWE programming every time Punk isn’t on the screen.

There is one subject I would like to touch on and that’s CM Punk’s comments he made to a fan that landed him in hot water with GLAAD. Part of me feels like it was a little overdone and made into a bigger deal than needed to be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning the comments he made because we live in a day and age where language of that nature should not be accepted and absolutely should not be in the common vernacular. However, at the same time we have to remember that Punk is a heel and an absolutely great one at that, who’s main objective is to get some sort of reaction from the crowd and there’s times where heels, especially Punk goes a bit too far. Punk has said and done far worse things and for this too be the one thing that gets a light shined on seems a bit too ridiculous. But then again, it didn’t get nearly the amount of attention as Cena did when he made homophobic remarks in his rap about the remark but then again, it was a nationally televised showed whereas Punk’s situation is basically on the same level as Michael Cole and his slip-up and misuse of his Twitter account. So maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal and by comparison of the Cena situation, maybe its not blown up that much. But I will say this, the simple statement Punk made on his twitter following TMZ breaking the story was probably the most sincere-sounding response that I’ve heard and it was simple and not meant to draw the situation out any further. Again, I would never condone such things to be said and using derogatory terms to bring someone else down and insulting them. Also what I thought was stupid, was the story that broke where WWE allegedly reassured GLAAD that Punk would be leaving the company soon and it was not just a ploy. Way to have some guts, Vince, and letting an outside organization wag their finger at you and respond by saying, “Oh but he’s leaving, so its ok, right? right?” Just tell them that its being dealt with and he’ll never do it again, done and done and on your own terms. For WWE being his own company, Vince sure does caters every other entity (excluding wrestlers/superstars/entertainers/magicians/whatever you want to call the big sweaty guys and gals in the ring thingy).

The truth is, I just don’t know what to say anymore because I could talk about other stuff but I’d get started and realize that I really REALLY don’t care about this garbage but at the same time, I’m tired of writing about the same thing week after week, especially when the wind is kinda fading out of the sails. I’m sorry but as soon as it was painfully obvious that Punk’s original rant was planned, it instantly lost a lot of its appeals and then some more when it became all about Cena, yet again, with him putting his career on the line…again. WEE took a very original premise and turned it into another recycled story stencil. Yes, the latest promo with Punk, McMahon and Cena was great but now it just seems like they’re pulling back the curtain because they’re trying to 1-up the original rant and that’s too contrived and manipulative for my taste. I will say this, this storyline still has me unsure of whats going to happen on Sunday, who’s leaving, who’s winning and all that jazz. So I’ll give them that much…if I have to.

Song of the Week
I’ve had Dethklok on constant rotation throughout the week, for no real reason. in particular has been stuck in my brain the entire week, not that that’s a bad thing.

Anti-Movie of the Week
Once again, I found myself browsing through Netflix and I came across this gem called . Basically its a horror movie where the killer…is a car tire! Thats right, it rolls around and makes people’s heads ‘splode! If thats not enough to melt your eyes then consider the fact that in the movie that they recognize that films do things in them that really serve no purpose at all and this film in particular exploits that ironically…thus making it a hipster movie and we all know how I feel about hipsters (I thoroughly despise them and their skinny jeans, slipper shoes, oversized glasses, flannel shirts, scarves, zunes and their bastardization of the word Irony)

I swear, I’m not a cranky, old man…I’m only 23.

Last week, I announced that I would tell the story of the origins of the name “The Rager” which you can find on my page. Also, follow me on twitter for my weekly Live Rager every Monday Night during Raw so we can interact, crack jokes and just have fun with all this nonsense.

That wraps it up for me this week, be sure to comment below if you want to rage about anything above or anything in your world in general. Come back and read all the great articles to come within the following week here on Pulse Wrestling.

Have a Great Week…there, I said it so you have no reason not to.


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