Albert Finney And Joan Allen Return To The Bourne Legacy
by Travis Leamons on July 27, 2011

While Tony Gilroy is getting a stellar cast for The Bourne Legacy, with Jeremy Renner as the protagonist with Edward Norton playing the villain – not to mention Academy Award winner Rachel Weisz and Oscar Isaac – it seems that this latest installment in the Bourne franchise will not be totally devoid of key figures from the original trilogy.

Variety reports that Albert Finney and Joan Allen will reprise their roles. You may recall that Finney played Dr. Albert Hirsch who spearheaded Operation Treadstone’s behavior modification program – to which Jason Bourne was a subject – and Allen played CIA Deputy Director Pamela Landy.

With Allen and Finney returning the question remains if the timeline of The Bourne Legacy happens after the events of The Bourne Ultimatum or not. Could it be that Jeremy Renner’s character was in the program the same time as Matt Damon and this is a splinter story? Or maybe a new secretive program is underway to create new lethal weapons.

Gilroy, who has had a hand in writing scripts for the previous three Bourne films (and also wrote and directed Michael Clayton and Duplicity), moves to the director’s chair with The Bourne Legacy. Filming will be amping up soon and Universal Pictures has slated its release for August 2012, five years after The Bourne Ultimatum made its theatrical bow.

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Source: Variety

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